Christmas Lights Nail Art

It's time to get into the Christmas spirit. I've decided to join the Facebook group Winter Nail Art Challenge. The first of the challenges are for lights or candles this also happens to be the first of the Nail Polish Queens 12 Days of Christmas. I was inspired by Nail Polish Queens' +Nail Envy Christmas light manicure and created this version of Christmas lights.

Green nail polish (or glitter)
Black nail art stripper
Multiple polishes
Dotting tool
Small detail brush

I was originally going to start this off with a green glitter base but instead decided to start off with Zoya 'Staasi'. This is a perfect sparkly green just right for any holiday nail art design.

Then using a black nail art stripper I drew a light sting all the way across my nails occasionally looping it.

Using the same stripper I drew small squares. These are the bases that you would plug in the lights.  You can see they are not perfect but they will be partially if not mostly covered by the bulbs.

Then using a small dotting tool and an array of polishes I created the light bulbs. Alternating colors I dotted a bulb onto each bulb base I previously painted. The red I used was OPI 'Coca-Cola Red', the yellow is Butter London 'East End', the orange is Butter London 'Brick Lane' and the blue is Butter London 'Giddy Kippers'.

To make the bulbs look more like Christmas lights I used a small brush and made the lights slightly pointed on the end.

I applied my favorite top coat to give it a glossy shine. I love the Holiday season especially all the lights, I can't wait to put up my decorations. Christmas lights just make everything cheery and bright. I hope you enjoyed my first Christmas nail art. Thanks for stopping by, see you next time.  

Your Fellow Plebe,

P.S.   For those of you who might be interested here is the calendars for both the Winter Nail Art Challenge and the NPQ's 12 Days of Christmas: