Candy Cane Plaid Nails

Today's Nail Polish Queens' Challenge is: Candy Canes.  Since, I've already done one candy cane design already I wanted to try something a little different (for me) and try out a plaid design in traditional candy cane colors.  I decided to do this design freehand both the save time, minimize layers, and give myself the opportunity to practice my freehand design.

I started my design off with a nice clean white, Sinful Colors 'Snow Me White.'  This is my go to white, I use it so often I just had to purchase a new bottle.  That's a milestone for me as a nail polishaholic because I have never bought the same brand and color twice, except for this one.

On most of my fingers I painted a plaid using red and green nail art strippers.  I started with a slightly wide red stripe diagonally across my nail.  I then added a wide green stripe, followed by two somewhat narrow green stripes over top the red.  I then finished the design by drawing narrowish red stripes on either side of the wide red stripe over top the green stripes.  I switched back and forth with the colors to create a layered look giving the stripes a more woven appearance.

On my pointer I drew a criss-cross candy can accent using the red stripper polish but a smaller brush, not the applicator brush.

After a little clean up, I applied a super shiny top coat.  Voila! Candy cane stripped plaid.  I love how bold the red and green look against the white.  Though my freehand still needs some practice, I am pleased with how my stripes turned out.  They are far more consistent that I imagined they'd turn out.

I hope you enjoyed this Christmas nail art design.  Stay tuned because there is still more to come.  I hope you are enjoying your holiday season so far, thanks for stopping by, see you next time.

Your Fellow Plebe,