Christmas Spirit Nail Art

Today's challenge is for the Facebook Winter Nail Art Challenge group.  The theme is Lucia or Christmas Where You Live.  Since, I don't celebrate Lucia I decided to go with the latter of the two.

After some deliberation I decided that I would do a festive skittle manicure.  For me nothing brings about the Christmas spirit like the decorations do.  I have a difficult time feeling the holiday spirit until the tree is up and the lights are hung, then it's on!  Luckily this year we got our tree up early, so I have been in a festive mood for a few weeks now.  Here is the nail art design I created:

I used three different polishes along with a glitter topper to create this look.  The green is Revlon Colorstay 'Rain Forest,' the red is China Glaze 'Seeing Red,' the gold is Zoya 'Brooklyn.'

Over the red I applied my glitter topper, Formula X 'Voltage.'  This is a red jelly based topper with gold glitter,  This is the first time I have ever used it.  I then applied a quick drying top coat and let dry completely.  I then used my chevron nail vinyls from and applied my green polish.  Nothing says Christmas like red and green together.

For my mid finger I was inspired by Instagramer @SharingVu and drew some Christmas ornaments.  Using my gold I started by drawing two round bulbs, I used a dotting tool to do this.  I then added a string with a small bow on top.  Lastly, using my glitter topper and a very small dotting tool (you could also use a toothpick,) I applied a little stripe across the ball.

And what's Christmas without a Christmas tree?!  For my ring finger I started with my gold and applied a quick drying top coat.  I then used scotch tape to outline a triangular tree shape and applied my glitter polish.  I applied another coat of quick drying top coat and let dry again.  Once dry, I replaced my scotch tape in line with the previous lines and then applied a few criss-crossing pieces of stripping tape and then applied my green over top.  Finally, I removed all the tape and applied a gem for my star and some pieces of loose glitter for decoration.

I went ahead and left my thumb and pinkie plain green, though I don't consider this green to be very plain.  This Revlon 'Rain Forest' is an incredible dark green sparkly polish that my camera does no justice for, it's really beautiful in person.

I love the tree and how the chevrons turn out, what do you think?  I hope you enjoyed yet another Christmas nail art design, stay tuned for more.  Thanks for stopping by, see you next time.

Your Fellow Plebe,