Silver and Gold Nail Art

I love Christmas music and one of my favorite song is Burl Ives 'Silver and Gold.' So for the Christmas song/Carol/Movie Winter Nail Art Challenge Facebook Group.  I created these silver and gold nails inspired by my favorite Christmas song.

To create this look I started with a silver, a gold, and a glitter polish.  The silver is Revlon 'Metallic,' the gold is Sally Hansen Insta-Dri 'Go for Gold,' and the glitter is OPI 'My Voice is a Little Norse.'  I topped it all off with a quick drying top coat.

Once the base polish was dry, I applied two stripes of tape at near the tip of my nail.  Using a makeup sponge I applied a slight gradient.  Over the silver I applied silver to the top of the nail and the gold near the tip.  So, when the tape is removed two silver stripes are visible through the gold gradient.

I did the same process over the gold but reversed the colors so that the silver gradient is on the tip and the gold shows through.

For my accent finger I laid out striping tape horizontally over the entire nail.  I then alternated silver and gold and filled in each space.  Removing the tape leave glitter stripes between each colored stripe.

After a little cleanup and a shiny top coat, you're left with a neat silver and gold nail art design.

This is an interesting holiday look without being super Christmas-y.  I also really like the stripping tape gradient affect.  I think this would be really striking if you use a bold color combo, for instance a black and gold might be really interesting.

Don't forget to checkout all the other lovely nail art design in the Winter Nail Art Challenge (links below).  I hope you enjoyed my Silver and Gold Christmas Song inspired nails.  Thanks for stopping by, see you next time.

Your Fellow Plebe,