Ice Cream Nail Art Design

This is not a true #whatruwearingwed manicure because I'm not actually wearing this nail art design right now because I am still wearing the Jamberry wraps that I posted on Instagram Sunday.  I also wanted to post something a little cuter than the nail art design I posted on Monday.  So, I decided to post a tutorial on creating ice cream nails.  I've seen some really cute ice cream nail designs on Instagram from @jamylyn_nails, @hkluvz820, and @vanessa_nbrg and others that inspired me to create my own ice cream nails.

Base and top coat
Various shades of polish for cone, waffling, and ice cream
Striping brush
Dotting tool

After applying a base coat paint the bottom half to two-thirds of the nail as if painting a french tip with a cone colored polish.  All the polishes I'm using are from Color Club's Paris in Love collection.  I used Je Ne Sais Quoi for my cone color.  It is not important to make this a clean french tip because the ice cream will overlap the cone, however, this is a good opportunity to practice your freehand french tip technique.

Using a darker brown polish and a striping brush, waffle the cone by criss-crossing lines across the light brown cone.  My dark brown is Fondue for Two.

With the cone complete, it's time to put the ice cream on the cone.  With a dotting tool create a line slightly overlapping the cone.  Create drips to give the ice cream a melting affect.

Then fill in the top portion of the nail with your ice cream colored polish.

Clean up your cuticles and apply a top coat.

Use a variety of colors to represent different flavors.  For instance, I used La Petite Mint-sieur on one finger and dotted with Fondue for Two for a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone.

I love this cute and delicious nail art design.  It allows me to enjoy my favorite summer treat without needing to make an extra trip to the gym.  I'd love to see your ice cream manis or whatever you happen to be wearing this Wednesday.  Post you manis on Instagram just #whatruwearingwed and/or tag @polish_plebe.  You can also post your pictures on my Facebook page while your there like and follow me.  You can also follow me through Google Friend Connect by clicking the Join this site icon on the top right hand side of the screen.  You can also follow me through Google+, Bloglovin, and/or Pinterest.  I'll see you all next time.

Your Fellow Plebe,