Fireworks on Display

For this "What R U Wearing Wednesday?" I decided to get into my patriotic holiday spirit.  My favorite part of Fourth of July (in addition to the BBQs) are fireworks displays.  So, this mani is my interpretation of a fireworks display.

Base and top coat
Red and black Polish
Silver, red, white, and blue nail art stripers
Glitter  (optional)
Star shaped studs (optional)

I started this mani by applying red to all my fingers except my accent fingers.  I used OPI's Coca‐Cola Red for my red shade, because what's more patriotic than Coca‐Cola? I decided to do two accent fingers on both hands, my mid and ring fingers.  For my accent fingers I applied Revlon's Black Star, a sparkly black to represent the night sky.

I started creating my fireworks display using a silver nail art striper to create bursts.

Then I used red, white, and blue nail art stripers to overlap the silver.  Be sure to allow the silver to show through.

On all the red nails I applied Color Club's Daydream Believer to my tips.  This matte blue and white glitter from their Poptastic Remix Collection is perfect for a bit of patriotic splash.

I finish this mani off by adding silver star shaped studs on my red nails.  These studs are from  Use coupon code: CREATEX31 for 10% off your next purchase.

I really like how this manicure turned out and am really looking forward to showing it off this weekend.  If you would like to show off your "What R U Wearing Wednesday?" mani post it on my Facebook page or #Whatruwearingwed on Instagram and refer me @polish_plebe so that I can see it, while you’re their like and follow me.  You can also follow me through Google+, Bloglovin, and/or Pintrest.  I hope you all enjoy this coming holiday weekend.  See you next time.  

Your Fellow Plebe,