Color Club's Paris in Love Collection Swatches and Review

I know its been a bit since I last posted but I've been having a blast with my family, camping, water parks, and hanging out.  Of course, all these extracurricular activities have made my budget a little tight.  But when I was at the mall the other day I couldn't resist a trip to my favorite beauty supply store.  While I was there drooling over all the lovely polish I want to own, I decided I could afford just one collection.  After a great deal of deliberation I decide to purchase Color Club's Paris in Love Collection.  I chose this collection over all the others for three reasons: 1) Color Club has yet to disappoint me; 2) this collection is much more different than others I own; 3) Color Club is slightly less expensive than most of the other brands I typically purchase.

All of the swatches you are about to see are done with a two coat application.  The lighting does vary slightly because I try to use indirect natural lighting and of course mother nature was not being cooperative.  So in some pictures the lighting looks a little more whitish, these pictures are when the sun was covered by a cloud.

Without further adieu I present to you Color Club's Paris in Love Collection...

This is a beautiful minty green that reminds me an awful lot of mint chocolate chip ice cream.  Future nail art project inspiration.

As the name states I love you (meaning this polish).  As many of you know I'm not really girly and pink is probably my least favorite color, but this color is just too sweet!  I'm finding this shade absolutely irresistible and am looking for an excuse to wear it.

Sadly, this collection doesn't have any true blue shades (my favorite color).  However, I'll settle for this super cute periwinkle-ish somewhat lavender color.  I really like this color against my skin tone, it is very eye-catching.

The name of this polish is perfect.  It translates to "I don't know what."  I personally don't know what to think of this color.  This is not a color I would purchase just from looking at the bottle.  It might be a color I would pick up with a specific design in mind but I'm not sure what that design might be yet.  I really want to like this color but I'm just not sure.  What do you think?

This color is just so yummy!  This rich creamy color reminds me of chocolate (part two of nail art idea).  This color is so delicious I broke down and ate a Hershey bar while painting my nails. Mmmmmmm...chocolate!

This color was the biggest surprise for me in this collection.  When I was hmmming and hawing during my pre-purchase debate this color reminded me of Look but Don't Tusk from Color Club's Garden Safari collection.  I don't like to purchase colors that are too similar to one another but I also don't like to purchase partial collections (I'm an all or none kind of girl).  Of course, the store was all sold out of Look but Don't Tusk so I couldn't compare them side-by-side in the store and my memory is never as good as I think it is.  You know when you find a pair of shoes and you think that it'll go great with a dress you have at home only to get them home to and discover they will clash horribly with the dress.  Yeah, I have that kind of memory.  Well as you can see Macaroon Swoon is much more yellow in fact it is almost a pale lemon shade.  It is very sweet and I like it a lot.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of Macaroon Swoon and Look but Don't Tusk.  As I said above and as you can clearly see from the picture they are not at all similar so, no dupes here.

I'm really glad I purchased this collection.  As always Color Club doesn't fail to impress with awesome formulas and lovely colors.  My head is swimming with ideas for designs that I can use with these colors.  I hope you enjoyed these swatches and find the reviews useful.

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