Daisy Chain Nail Art

I have seen so many pretty and cute nail art designs with various forms of flowers using many different techniques.  Well I wanted to create a cute floral nail art design that was easy but just slightly unique.  The biggest challenge I had doing this design was deciding what colors I wanted to use.  This is a great nail art project for my fellow Plebes out there.  It allows you to practice your dotting skills and if it is not perfect its still pretty.

Base and top coat
Base color
Polish or acrylic paint in white, yellow, and green
Dotting tool
Small brush (optional)

I was really having a hardtime deciding on what colors to use.  I new I wanted the the daisies to really stand out.  I also wanted to do something neon and bright for the background because neons are great for summer.  I originally started out with China Glaze's Grass is Lime Greener but decided the flowers weren't going to pop out the way I wanted them to.  So, I finally decided on China Glaze's Peonies & Park Ave from the City Flourish collection (I swatched the City Flourish collection back in April check it out http://ilovemanicures.blogspot.com/2014/04/china-glazes-city-flourish-collection.html).

After painting two coats of Peonies & Park Ave (over my base coat).  I started my design by dotting a five petaled daisy in the middle top of my mid finger with a small dotting tool.  You want the petals to overlap a little but not to much.  I used white acryclic paint for my media because my OPI Alpine Snow was not cooperating.  If you are using acryclic paint add enough water to it to make it a similar consistency to polish.

I then dotted another daisy on either side of the middle daisy but slighly lower.  Leave some space between the flowers.

Then using a slightly larger dotting tool and yellow polish (or paint) place a dot at the center of each flower.  I used Metro Pollen-tin, also from the City Flourish collection.  It is the perfect shade of yellow and it is perfectly named too.

I then used China Glaze's Green is Lime Greener and a small brush to create little leaves between the flowers.  If you don't have a brush use a small dotting tool or a toothpick.  Place the leaves between the daisies in a manner to create a chain.

Alternate your high low pattern all the way across your hand to create a continues chain.  In other words one finger has a daisy high in the middle and low on the sides; the next finger has low in the middle and high on the sides.

If your fingers are narrow like my pinky is only dot two daisies instead of three.

I love this design it is super sweet and so simple.  I like this just as much as my Monochromatic Tread Mark nail art from yesterday.  So, far this week is turning out to be a great mani week.

I would love to see your recreations of this design, you can post them on Instagram #inspiredbyilovemanicures or @polish_plebe in the comments so that I can find them. You can also post your pictures on my Facebook page, while your there like and follow me. You can also follow me through Google Friend Connect by clicking the "Join this site" icon at the top right hand side of the screen. Or if you prefer you can follow me through Google+, Bloglovin, and/or Pinterest.  See you all next time.

Your Fellow Plebe,