My First Experience with Jamberry Nail Wraps

Recently, I tried out some Jamberry nail wraps.  I have never tried any kind of nail wrap and had heard many great things about Jamberry.  However, because they're priced slightly outside my budget I had been delaying making a purchase.  Well, a friend of mine recently became a consultant and was able to send me a sample so I could determine if they are right for me and whether or not the expense is worth it.

Just like everything in my life nothing ever goes easy or the way I want it to go.  I really like the concept of a nail wrap, beautiful nail art without all the hassle.  My experience at first was awesome.  I applied wraps to my pinkies and pointers on Sunday and painted the rest of my fingers with the intention of wearing this mani for an entire week.  My hope was to show you how great my wraps looked compared to my polished nails.

The application was easy I followed the instruction and even used the special baggie method recommended for those this curved nails.  I had even spent extra time buffing the ridges out of my nails.  I have extremely ridged nails which I had heard can be a problem for getting wraps to adhere properly.

I loved the look of this manicure and was so excited because the number one reason I can't keep a mani is because I get bored with it and remove it sooner than later.  I knew this mani was a keeper.  However, by the second day I was getting peeling along the tip.

I tried to rid it out but by the third day it was peeling up even more.  I attempt to reheat it and get it to stick and when that didn't work I attempted to glue them down using nail glue.  But all to no avail, I could not get them to stay down.

By the fourth day they were catching on everything and peeling even more severly that I finally gave up and just pulled them off.

After discussing my issues with my friend/consultant we determined that one of my issues might be that my nails are not only curved widthwise but that they are also curved lengthwise making my nail a ball shape.  This requires a little extra step in the application technique.  Even though my first experience was a disappointing one I have not given up on them yet and intend to try them again (might as well, since I have more samples).

Have any of you tried Jamberry or any other kind of nail wraps?  If so how was your experience?  I'll post another review once I figure out how to apply them in a manner that works for me.  See you next time.

Your Fellow Plebe,