Shifting Stripe Reverse Gradient

This weeks Blogger Bragger challenge is for stripes.  I decided to do the most complicated I have done yet.  A reverse gradient with shifting stripes.  I decided to choose lighter colors since I have been doing a lot of dark muted colored manicures.  I decided to use three colors from my China Glaze City Flourish collection.  Here is what I did...

Base and top coat
3 Shades of polish
Striping tape or nail vinyls

I started with the lightest shade of polish,  'Spring in My Step'.  I applied two coats but I wasn't concerned with how perfect it was because I was sponging a gradient over.  The base color is applied to give the sponged polish something to grab onto, as well as prevent completely bare spots.

I then applied a vertical gradient, from left to right the colors are 'Spring in My Step', 'Grass is Lime Greener', and 'At Vase Value'.

I then applied a quick drying top coat and applied small straight nail vinyls.  On my thumb and pinky I placed the stripes vertical, on my pointer and ring I placed them at an angle, and on my mid-finger I placed the stripes horizontal.

With the stripes in place I sponged a gradient over top with a reverse gradient.  so the gradient from left to right goes 'At Vase Value', 'Grass is Lime Greener', and 'Spring in My Step'.  Immediately remove the tape/vinyls, do a little clean up, and apply a top coat.

This took me quite some time to complete but I think the result is worth it.  Even though this was complicated to complete but it subtle to the eye.  I'm not sure if its the colors that I find so pleasing, the design or both.  Most likely its both.  I hope you enjoyed this nail art design.  Thanks for stopping by, see you next time.

Your Fellow Plebe,