Hounds Tooth Louboutin Inspired Nail Art Design

This weeks Nail Polish Queens challenge was to create Christian Louboutin inspired nail art design.  I have never really thought much about Louboutin because I'll never be able to afford any of his gorgeous shoes.  I try to keep myself grounded and only drool and ogle things that I can afford.  In fact, I was going to skip this challenge all together and then I said "what the heck, why not?"  So, I scoured the Internet for a pair of Louboutin shoes that I would buy if money was not object.  These are the shoes I fell in love with...

And this is how I created my Hounds Tooth Louboutin manicure.

Base and top coat
Black, white, silver, and red polishes
Konad image plate m63 (or any image plate with a hounds tooth design)
Stamping tools

I started with Sinful Colors' Snow White on my thumb, pointer, and pinky and Marc Jacob's Stone Jungle on my mid and ring fingers.

I then stamped my hounds tooth design on my white fingers in black.  However, I am not good at stamping and was having a lot of trouble getting a clean stamp.  I was not too worried though because I intended to cover most of it.

I then taped different areas of each nail and filled it in with red.  I don't own many reds because they stain my skin so easily.  I used one of the two reds I own, OPI's Coca-Cola Red.

For my mid and ring fingers I taped three stripes, using medium sized straight tapes from my Nail Vinyls.  I painted the outsides red and the middle black.  I used Black from my Nabi polish collection for the black stripe and the stamping.

This was the final result.  I love the shoes but the mani didn't turn out as great as I was hoping, but I thought it was worthy enough to share.  I like the idea more than I like the executed manicure, I hope you like it though.  Until next time...

Your Fellow Plebe,