Lightning Created with Vinyls

Today I received an order of nail vinyls and I couldn't wait to try them out. Since I had purchased lightning bolts I thought these would be perfect for this week NPQ challenge, lightning. I also took this opportunity to use some of my new polishes from my OPI Nordic collection.

Base and top coat
Polishes of your choice (at least two colors)

I started with Do You Have This Color in Stockholm? On my pinky and thumb and two coats of My Voice is a Little Norse on all my other fingers.

I applied Seche Vite to speed up the drying time. Once dry, I then placed a lightning bolt vinyl on my pointer and mid finger.

I painted one half My Dogsled is a Hybrid and the other half I painted Can't Afjord Not To.  Just like with tape I removed the vinyls almost immediately after polish application. One more quick top coat application and there you have it.

My initial thoughts on this design/color combo was blah. However, it is growing on me. I figured since I was trying a product (the nail vinyls) I've never used before I may as well try a color combo and style I've never used before.  I'm not a big fan of purples or glitter so this was a pretty big push outside my comfort zone.

In regards to the nail vinyls, I have to say are the best thing since sliced bread. I generally like to use tape when I am doing many of my designs because I like the fresh clean lines. These nail vinyls make it even easier to do chevrons, stripes, lightning bolts, stars,etc. Yes, of course, you can cut most of these things from tape but the chances of creating consistent clean cuts to create precise and exact duplicates is very hard to do. I am sold on nail vinyls and it'll be really hard for me to ever go back to plain old tape.

If you are interested in the nail vinyls that I used checkout  In addition to the lightning bolts I also purchase small chevrons, various straight lines, stars, and 90 degree angles. I'm sure you will see these in future manis.

This weird combo mani is growing on me even more as I type this up. I hope its growing on you too. As for the OPI Norse Fall/Winter Collection I will have the swatches and reviews up later this week.  So, until next time…

Your Fellow Plebe,