OPI's Nordic Fall/Winter Collection Swatches and Review

Though summer is in full swing and there is still a bit of summer left to enjoy, I am super psyched about this coming fall. Fall is my favorite season,I love everything about fall. Festivals, the changing colors (I live in upstate NY), the cooler weather, the holidays especially Halloween. My husband and I plan our Halloween events and d├ęcor at least six months in advance. With fall fashion typically comes rich hues and darker shades, which are my favorite.

Since, I just began my polish obsession early this year I had not purchased any fall collections before this one. This fall/winter collection has a variety of colors, some of which I consider to be what I expect of a fall collection and some that I found surprising, but a good surprising.   All swatches are done with a two coat application except for a few that are done with a one coat application. I will make a note of the one coaters in the reviews below. I am excited to present to you OPI's Nordic Collection…

I love this color, it is exactly what I expect a fall shade to be. This beautiful metallic gold is rich and warm and not like most golds. It almost has a slight copper feel to it though it is more on the gold side.

This is a shade I did not anticipate for a fall/winter collection.  I am not a big fan of pink so I thought little of this color until I applied it. Though it was not what I expected I actually like it on. This pink shade is perfectly named because of its candy coloring.  It is strangely warmed and bright at the same time.

This is another unexpected shades. I am a big fan of greens, teals, and mints. This color is a rich minty green‐ish color that is very eye‐catching.

Though this color is what I expect more for a fall shade it is much brighter than I expected. This orange shade is very pumpkiny and I can see using it in many fall nail art designs.

This color is straight up sexy. This rich violet burgundy has a slight metallic  shimmer to it that makes it perfect for a night out on the town or a romantic night in.  I applied this swatch with one coat.

I've said it before and I'll say it again I think all collections should have at least one neutral color. This collection takes the cake for having three neutral shades. This is the darkest of the three brown colors and is very rich. I reminds me of dark chocolate, yum! This swatch is a one coat application.

The medium brown tone of the collection has a cute name. However, it reminds me more of milk chocolate than burgers. Of course, I really like chocolate. This too is applied with one coat.

This is the lightest shade of the three brown colors.  This is a very warm and inviting color. This shade compliments the other colors in this collection very nicely. This too is a one coat application.

This is a very rich dark purple shade. I'm not a big purple fan (it is my second least favorite shade). This color is very dark and rich and almost looks black in some lights so it's very wearable. This is a one coat application.

This is the lighter shade of purple in the collection and it has a slightly reddish tone making it more of a violet color.

When I made the purchase of this collection I was in a hurry and just snatched it off the shelf. When I had got it home and was cataloging it for my personal collection I realized I had grabbed A Grape Affair from the Coca‐Cola Collection. It had been placed in the spot where Viking in a Vinter Vonderland belonged. I got this sorted out but it made me realize  there was a similarity to the purples in the Coke collection and this collection.

I did a side‐by‐side comparison to show you.  There are definitely similarities  but they are not exact duplicates.  

This in my opinion is not a fall color but I do think it is fun color. Yes it is somewhat purple but it is a blue‐ish purple, a blurple if you will. Its bright and rich.  I recently used this shade along with a few others for my Lightning mani.

Saving the best for last…this smokey black base polish is jammed packed with micro halo glitters. I don't own many glitters and this is my first halo glitter and I am absolutely in love.  My camera does not do this polish justice. I swatched this with 1, 2, 3, and 4 coats.

For my first fall collection this is a great start the colors are great for transitioning from summer to fall. The bright shades are great for summer wear while the darker shades are perfect for fall. I hope you enjoyed these swatches and found this review useful. If you do like this post or any of my others show your support by liking and following me, you can click the Join this Site icon on the top right hand side of the screen, or you can follow/like me through Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Bloglovin, and or Pinterest.  Until next time…

Your Fellow Plebe,