Vintage Black Bow Nail Art Design

A wonderful Instagramer, @jay_jay_bee, just reached 1 thousand followers. To celebrate  this accomplishment she is having a giveaway. She is a fan of vintage, retro, and pinup designs, so for each design that fits this category you can earn an extra entry. I too like these styles so I am very excited about this giveaway. I have so many ideas I was having a hard time deciding which to do first. I finally decided to start with something a little easy and work my way up to the more complex designs.

For this design I was inspired by a dress I have been wanting to purchase for a while but haven't gotten to yet because of various reasons.

This Heidi Dress is such a cute retro look, perfect for a vintage style inspiration. This nail art design was also inspired by this cute little  ring my sister purchased for me from

Base and top coat
Pink polish
Black acrylic paint
Striping brush

For this design I started with a light pink polish to match the dress. I used Color Club's 'Je T'Aime' from the Paris in Love collection.

I then used black acrylic paint and a striping brush to create a stripe along the tip of the nail.  I drew my stripe at the point between my tip and my nail bed.

For my accent finger I drew a bow, like that on the front of the Heidi dress. I started by placing 4 dots to define the bow. I then drew the outside of the bow. I then drew the top and the bottom. I then filled the bow in and added some tails. I finished off the bow by adding a black gem in the middle.

This design is cute, simple, and there are so many color combinations you can do. You can match it to your outfit or just use your favorite color.

If you'd like the cute ring my sister got me you can get yours at Use coupon code CREATEX31 to get 10% off.

I hope you enjoyed this simple vintage bow design. If you're on Instagram check out @jay_jay_bee, and me, @polish_plebe. Enter her giveaway and don't forget to like, and follow us both.  You can also follow me by clicking the 'Join this site' icon on the top right hand side of the screen. Or you can follow/like me through FacebookGoogle+Bloglovin,  and/or Pinterest. Thanks for stopping by, stay tuned for more vintage designs, I have a ton I want to try. See you next time.

Your Fellow Plebe,