Rosy Spiderweb

Hello Lovelies! I enjoyed my previous mani so much that I decided to take another creepy theme and give it an elegant twist. Many people are horrified and disgusted by spiders, I personally find them tolerable except if they're on me. I decided it was time to give spiders a prettier appearance...

Materials I used:
Basecoat - Superchic Lacquer "Bring it On!" stamping plate - QA26 item
Mundo  De Unas "Silver" stamping polishes
Polishes - China Glaze "Seeing Red", "Spring in My Step", & "Petal to the Metal"
Green Nailart striper
Dotting tool
Small Brush
Spider charm from item #16739
Topcoat - Superchic Lacquer "Marvel"
I stamped spider web images over all my nails directly over a clear basecoat.  I varied the direction of the webs just to keep things interesting.

I then hand painted roses over the webs.  I used a medium sized dotting tool to create roundish red and pink dots. Then using a small detail brush and medium pink polish I drew semi circles and dots over both the red and light pink flowers. I repeated this pattern with white over the light pink and the red to give it more depth.  Lastly, I added green leaves for more color.

Since I varied the direction of the webs, I also varied the area that I placed the roses on each nail.  I performed a clean up with gentle acetone and a brush and added a topcoat. 

I then added a pretty spider charm amongst its beautiful rose garden.

I really like creating these more elegant and feminine Halloween designs and hope you enjoy them too. Also, be sure to use code CREATEX31 when you place your next order for 10% off.  Thanks for stopping by, see you next time.

Your Fellow Plebe,

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