Halloween Damask

Hello Lovelies! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, those of you that have followed my blog for awhile are probably already aware of this. When most people think of Halloween they think of ghostly specters, haunted houses, blood, guts, and gore. However, I present to you a different side of Halloween, a bit of gothic elegance. These are my Halloween damask nails...

Materials I used:
Basecoat -  Dream Polish "Smooth Gem Basecoat"
Polishes - Zoya "Penny" & Sinful Colors "Black on Black"
Fleur De Lis vinyls from Lou It Yourself
Pueen image plate 23
Fab Ur Nails XL squish stamped and scraper
Black stamping polish from bornprettystore.com use code: CREATEX31 for 10% off your next purchase
Topcoat - SuperChic Lacquer "Marvel"

I began with black polish on my pinky and thumb, and I painted my three remaining fingers orange. I created this nail design for this weeks Nail Art Nation orange prompt, so I wanted orange to be the dominant color.  I also applied a quick drying topcoat on my ring finger.

I applied a Fleur De Lis vinyl on my ring finger.

I stamped the metallic orange over the black and black over the orange.

After a quick clean up with gentle acetone and a brush, I sealed it all with a quick drying topcoat.  It is especially important to use a topcoat when using vinyls as a decal, this ensures that they won't peal off.

I love this design, it is a very feminine and pretty version of Halloween nail art that can be worn any day and any where.  I particularly like the subtle metallic orange over the black, it has a somewhat  ghostly affect.  I hope you enjoyed these slightly different halloween-esque nails, thanks for stopping by, see you next time.

Your Fellow Plebe

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