Art Deco Inspired Nails

Hello Lovelies!  I am in love with the Roaring 20's, the fashion, the lifestyle, the architecture, and the décor.  So when Nail Art Nation announce this week's prompt is the Roaring 20's I couldn't wait to get creating.  As a former interior designer I'm obsessed with anything Art Deco, so this nail art is a simple Art Deco inspired design...

Materials I used:
Basecoat - SuperChic Lacquer "Bring It On!"
Polishes - Sinful Colors "Snow Me White" & "Black on Black", Gothic Gala Lacquers "The Enterprise"
Iridescent topper - Color Club "Concrete Jungle"
Striping tape
Chevron vinyls from
Small rhinestones
Topcoat - SuperChic Lacquer "Marvel"

To create this look I began with one coat of white polish topped with an iridescent shimmer polish and a quick drying topcoat.  Now I know most people think of black and gold color schemes when they think of the 20's but I decided to change it up just a little bit.

With the base dry, I used striping tape to create a fair sized vertical stripe off center of the nail.  I filled in the tape with a soft metallic grey.  After removing the tapes I applied a quick drying topcoat, just over the stripe.  I did not apply quick drying topcoat over the entire nail in order to prevent the final finish from being too thick.

Once this layer was dry, I used two chevron vinyls.  By lining them up point to point I was able to create a diamond pattern.  I found that connecting the points with as little overlap as possible gave the best diamond shape, in fact the ones pictured below are overlapped a little too much.  I placed the diamonds roughly center of the nail, slightly overlapping the grey stripe.  I filled in the diamonds with black polish and removed the vinyls.  Lastly, using topcoat as an adhesive I applied a rhinestone between the diamonds.

As usual I finished off with a bit of cuticle cleanup using gentle acetone and a brush, and applied a final layer of quick drying topcoat.

I'm such a huge fan of the Roaring 20's that I even had my wedding reception in a replica speakeasy and I made all my guest dress period appropriate.  I have to say seeing my Grandmother dressed up like a flapper was the best wedding present ever!  So when I say I love the Roaring 20's I really do mean it.

If I have time this week I will most likely create another 20's inspired nail art design, because I have a least a billion more ideas of what I could create for this prompt.  I hope you like the 20's and enjoyed this nail art too.  Thanks for stopping by, see you next time.

Your Fellow Plebe,