Zoya's Bubbly Collection Swatches and Review

Earlier this week  I reviewed Zoya's Tickled Collection (if you missed it click here).  I consider Zoya's Bubbly Collection to be its sparkly counter part.  This collection is a beautiful tinted jelly base holographic glitter.  Each one is full of Zoya's signature sparkle.  Because this is a jelly based glitter the opacity of the color depends on how many coats you apply.  For the swatches below I applied one thick coat.

Harper is an absolutely beautiful shade of vibrant pink.  This color has kind of a fruity feel for me.

Binx has a bit of a raspberry hue but with more coats it takes on a darker purple.

Alma is a fun yellow tone that sparkle like the sun because of the halographic glitter.

Jesy has a tangerine feel and looks a bit firey under just the right lighting.

Stassi is an awesome emerald green shade.  This one reminds me of mermaid scales or a mystical dragon.

Muse is an absolutely gorgeous rich shade of blue.  The color is so vibrant for a jelly and the glitter just makes it extra pretty.

This Bubbly Collection is a great way to spice up your summer collection and add a little extra bling.  These colors are perfect on their own but also pair up nicely with the colors in the Tickled Collection.  I hope you enjoyed this review as much as I liked swatching it for you.  See you soon.

Your Fellow Plebe,

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"Garden" Challenge

This months Lacquer Legion Challenge theme is garden.  Since it is Wednesday I'm combining this post with my "What are you Wearing Wednesday?" show and tell post.  Unfortunately, this isn't my most creative manicure but I had some water decals from the Born Pretty online store that I thought fit the theme perfectly.

For this manicure I started with two coats of Rooney from Zoya's new Tickled Collection.  I swatched and reviewed this collection yesterday, if you'd like to see the rest of this collection scroll down or click this link here.  I then placed flowered water decals on the tips of all fingers except my pointer and pinky.  The decals were long enough and my nails were short enough that I could use them as a full nail decal on my pointer and pinky.

The Born Pretty Store has a great selection of nail art decorations and supplies at very reasonable prices.  Check them out at http://www.bornprettystore.com and while your there use the following coupon code: CREATEX31 to receive 10% off your order.

I hope you enjoyed my version of garden themed nails.  See you soon.

Your Fellow Plebe,

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Zoya's Tickled Collection Swatches and Review

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend.  Memorial day is the jumping off point for summer so today I'd like to share with you an awesome summer collection... Zoya's Tickled collection!  Summer nail polish collections bring out the bright bold colors and Zoya does not fail to impress with this new collection.  This collection is a beautiful crème collection (my favorite nail polish finish) with a really fun pallete.  

The formulas in this collection are the richest and creamiest.  All of the swatches below are applied in two coats though I probably could have gotten away with one coat on just about all the colors.  I originally photographed these swatches indoors using my lightbox like I normally do and then I discovered two things: 1) I had a big smudge on my camera lens and 2) these colors look some much prettier in the sunlight.  So, I re-swatched these today and photographed them outside in indirect sunlight so you could see how pretty they are.

This color is super cute and girly.  This bright bubble gum pink is a real eye catcher. 

This is a beautiful medium shade of pink which leans more towards fuchsia.

Another gorgeous pink shade that has a more coral hue.

This is an absolutely gorgeous color.  This orange red is more than mild, it is Hot, Hot, Hot!

I believe that green shades are under appreciated in the polish community but I really appreciate this shade of green.  This fun shade of green is a bit retro but still so stylish.

Saving the best for last (well in my opinion) my favorite shade, blue.  This lovely blue is a medium shade that is rich and vibrant.  What more could you ask for?

This collection is absolutely wonderful, the formulas are fantastic. ( I have yet to find any shoddy formulas when it comes to Zoya.)  These colors are fabulously bright and eye‐catching.  Zoya did not label these as neon shades but I think it is safe to say that they are pretty much neon.  And guess what no white base color polish was needed to make these colors pop, they do it all by themselves.  So, if you want bright colors with out all the extra fuss this is the collection for you.  Stay tuned for the Bubbly collection swatches and review.  See you soon.  

Your Fellow Plebe,

Polka Dots and Stripes

Many people get their inspiration for nail art from fashion.  Sadly, my 14 month old daughter is more fashionable than I am.  In fact, she has a really cute outfit that I love which inspired me to do this nail art.

Base coat and top coat
Serial Shopper by Essie
Alpine Snow by OPI
Stone Jungle by Marc Jacobs
Drying drops from Nicole by OPI
Dotting tool
Striping Tape

After applying my base coat I applied two coats of Serial Shopper over Alpine Snow on my thumb and pointer finger.  On my middle finger I applied two coats of Alpine Snow.  On my ring and pinky fingers I applied one coat of Stone Jungle.  I used drying drops to speed up the drying process.

With a medium dotting tool I dotted Alpine Snow over Serial Shopper on my thumb and pointer fingers.

On my middle finger I taped off the tip and then and painted the main part of my finger with Serial Shopper and the tip with Stone Jungle.

On my ring and pinky fingers I placed three tape strips and painted Alpine Snow over top.

This is how I replicated the cute patterns from one of my favorite outfits of my favorite little  person.  Its bright, fun, and cute just like my little munchkin.  I'm curious where do you get your inspiration from?

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What Are You Wearing Wednesday?

So, I am trying to start a new weekly segment I'm calling "What are you wearing Wednesday?"  This segment is meant to be a kind of show and tell.  I change my polish quite frequently, often everyday (sometimes multiple times in one day).  I know I have a problem.

This week I'm wearing OPI's From A to Zurich on all my fingers. I have accented this manicure with Revlon's Metallic topped with OPI's Muppet's World Tour on my bling finger.  This manicure is not spring or summery like most are wearing this time of year but I couldn't resist wearing this rich color today.  I think it looks a bit glamorous but not over the top.

As much as I like showing off my nails and talking about what I'm wearing I also like to know what others are wearing.  If you'd like to share photos of what your wearing this Wednesday head over to The Polish Plebe's Facebook Fanpage  and post your pictures there.  If you prefer Instagram just hashtag #whatruwearingwed.  While your there make sure to like and follow me and if you'd like to keep up with my blog you can either add me to your Google+ circle or follow me through Bloglovin'.  I hope you are all enjoying this wonderful Wednesday, see you next time.

Your Fellow Plebe,

Color Club's Poptastic Remix Swatches and Review

As I've stated in other posts I am not a glitter fanatic.  I don't gravitate towards them and there are very few that I rave about.  This collection really intrigued me though, neon matte glitter.  I originally thought I'll just get one or two and try them out but when I saw them up close and personal I just had to have them all.  This collection is like a party in a bottle.

For the swatches below, I did one hand with a clear base coat and another with a white base polish.  I did the white base polish to show off the neon in these awesome glitter polishes.  All swatches are done in a two coat application.

This is a super pink neon glitter.  This is such a lively glitter  with matte white and pink hexagon shaped pieces, and very tiny specks of hot pink.  This is a very girly glitter with a lot of punch.

This is a very fun and energetic glitter.  This one is similar to My Generation in that it has the white and pink matte pieces.  However, this one has a special little addition which makes this so fun.  A lovely lemony sparkly glitter.

All I can say about this one is yellow, yellow, yellow.  This is so bright its almost difficult to look directly at.  This is like Do the Twist less the pink.  If you are looking for an affect that says WOW, this is it.

When I picked up this collection I thought this color was the least impressive of them all.  Once, I put it on it took on a whole new life.  I consider this the prettiest in the entire collection. This shade has the white matte hexagon pieces, along with  yellowy green sparkly  pieces, and finally aqua blue sparkly pieces.  The first thing that came to my mind when I really looked at this color was mermaid scales.

I love my blue shades so this of course is a favorite for me.  Just like all of the colors this has the white matte hexagon pieces that accent the bright rich sparkly blue pieces.  This  glitter feels very patriotic to me.  I think I might wear this over a shade of red for the coming holiday weekend.

I feel this color is so appropriately named.  Along with the white matte pieces there are matte hot pink pieces which truly compliment the blue sparkly pieces.  I'm not sure if it’s the name or the color or the combination but for some reason this one makes me think of Austin Powers.  Yeah Baby!

This collection was just too fun to resist.  The colors are bright and exciting, perfect for summer.  They can be worn alone or you can wear them over white to really make the neons pop.  I also image that they would really compliment the originally Poptastic collection.  Sadly, I don't own the original Poptastic collection so I can only speculate on this.  For me this collection is a must have to complete any summer wardrobe.

Your Fellow Plebe,

Neon Stars with DIY Vinyls

Being a polish plebe I have not had enough practice painting designs freehand to create the nice clean designs I really want. This means that I rely on tapes, stamps, and various other tools to create the designs I like. Recently, I was looking on line and ran across nails vinyls.  Vinyls are basically sticker like templates that come in a variety of patterns. Vinyls come in many patterns like chevrons, stripes, animal prints, and other shapes.

I was on the verge of ordering some vinyls when a thought crossed my mind…why not make my own? I do a lot of crafting and recalled having sheets of sticker labels somewhere. After digging around in the closet for a bit I found them! With my old labels found and my new Essie's Neon Collection sitting on the counter I couldn't resist creating a neon star manicure.

Base coat and top coat
White polish ‐ OPI Alpine Snow
All the polishes from the Essie's 2014 Neon Collection
Printable label, a computer with a paint program, and a printer
Small brush

Using a paint program I drew up a variety of star shapes in different sizes. I first printed them out on plain paper to determine what sizes I would prefer. Once I got the sizes correct I printed them out on the sticker label paper.

Using a pair of scissors I cut out the star shapes leaving a tail on them. The tail needs to be long enough to hang off the nail when the shape is placed where you want it. You want it to be thin enough that you don't have to do to much fill in but thick enough it doesn't tear off when you pull it off the nail. I also recommend cutting all your pieces before you start painting your nails.

After applying a base coat I applied a coat of white polish to make the neon colors really pop.

I decided to leave my thumb and pinky solid so I went ahead and painted them with Chills & Thrills to get them out of the way.

On my pointer I did two coats of Vices Versa on the entire nail. On my middle finger I painted the top corner with Sittin Pretty and painted the bottom corner with Too Taboo. On my ring finger I painted three somewhat large dots of Serial Shopper, I'm Addicted, and Vices Versa. I wasn't concerned with clean lines at this stage but wanted to make sure that the colors would be large enough to cover the size of the vinyl with a little extra just to be sure.

When it was completely dry I placed a medium sized star in the middle of my pointer nail.  I then painted Chills & Thrills over the top. It is important to remove your vinyl before it dries too much. Because I was taking pictures I did not remove my vinyl quick enough so it pulled the paint a little when I did remove it.

When the vinyl is removed I used a small brush to fill in the area where the was tail to complete the star shape.

For the middle finger I used large sized stars placing them so they covered the corners. I again covered with a coat of Thrills & Chills then removed the vinyls.

For my ring finger I used three of my smallest stars and placed them over each color. I'd like to make a point that it is important that when using any kind of tape or vinyls make sure they are pressed down completely. One of my stars wasn't pressed all the way down so when I painted my coat of Thrills & Chills it got under the vinyl. When I pulled it up one of the arms of the star was messed up. I completed this nail by filling in the areas where the tails where to close in the star shapes.

I then performed a little clean up on the cuticles and added a top coat.

This project was fun though cutting out the really small stars was a bit tedious. I really like being able to print my own vinyls it really gives you never ending options. I hope you found this tutorial useful and inspires you to create your very own vinyls.  See you next time.

Your Fellow Plebe,

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