Color Club's Poptastic Remix Swatches and Review

As I've stated in other posts I am not a glitter fanatic.  I don't gravitate towards them and there are very few that I rave about.  This collection really intrigued me though, neon matte glitter.  I originally thought I'll just get one or two and try them out but when I saw them up close and personal I just had to have them all.  This collection is like a party in a bottle.

For the swatches below, I did one hand with a clear base coat and another with a white base polish.  I did the white base polish to show off the neon in these awesome glitter polishes.  All swatches are done in a two coat application.

This is a super pink neon glitter.  This is such a lively glitter  with matte white and pink hexagon shaped pieces, and very tiny specks of hot pink.  This is a very girly glitter with a lot of punch.

This is a very fun and energetic glitter.  This one is similar to My Generation in that it has the white and pink matte pieces.  However, this one has a special little addition which makes this so fun.  A lovely lemony sparkly glitter.

All I can say about this one is yellow, yellow, yellow.  This is so bright its almost difficult to look directly at.  This is like Do the Twist less the pink.  If you are looking for an affect that says WOW, this is it.

When I picked up this collection I thought this color was the least impressive of them all.  Once, I put it on it took on a whole new life.  I consider this the prettiest in the entire collection. This shade has the white matte hexagon pieces, along with  yellowy green sparkly  pieces, and finally aqua blue sparkly pieces.  The first thing that came to my mind when I really looked at this color was mermaid scales.

I love my blue shades so this of course is a favorite for me.  Just like all of the colors this has the white matte hexagon pieces that accent the bright rich sparkly blue pieces.  This  glitter feels very patriotic to me.  I think I might wear this over a shade of red for the coming holiday weekend.

I feel this color is so appropriately named.  Along with the white matte pieces there are matte hot pink pieces which truly compliment the blue sparkly pieces.  I'm not sure if it’s the name or the color or the combination but for some reason this one makes me think of Austin Powers.  Yeah Baby!

This collection was just too fun to resist.  The colors are bright and exciting, perfect for summer.  They can be worn alone or you can wear them over white to really make the neons pop.  I also image that they would really compliment the originally Poptastic collection.  Sadly, I don't own the original Poptastic collection so I can only speculate on this.  For me this collection is a must have to complete any summer wardrobe.

Your Fellow Plebe,