Zoya's Bubbly Collection Swatches and Review

Earlier this week  I reviewed Zoya's Tickled Collection (if you missed it click here).  I consider Zoya's Bubbly Collection to be its sparkly counter part.  This collection is a beautiful tinted jelly base holographic glitter.  Each one is full of Zoya's signature sparkle.  Because this is a jelly based glitter the opacity of the color depends on how many coats you apply.  For the swatches below I applied one thick coat.

Harper is an absolutely beautiful shade of vibrant pink.  This color has kind of a fruity feel for me.

Binx has a bit of a raspberry hue but with more coats it takes on a darker purple.

Alma is a fun yellow tone that sparkle like the sun because of the halographic glitter.

Jesy has a tangerine feel and looks a bit firey under just the right lighting.

Stassi is an awesome emerald green shade.  This one reminds me of mermaid scales or a mystical dragon.

Muse is an absolutely gorgeous rich shade of blue.  The color is so vibrant for a jelly and the glitter just makes it extra pretty.

This Bubbly Collection is a great way to spice up your summer collection and add a little extra bling.  These colors are perfect on their own but also pair up nicely with the colors in the Tickled Collection.  I hope you enjoyed this review as much as I liked swatching it for you.  See you soon.

Your Fellow Plebe,

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