Essie's 2014 Neon Collection Swatches and Review

Summer is right around the corner and with it comes bright, fun, funky colors.  Essie came out with six new exciting neons that just scream SUMMER!  I'll start of by saying I don't own very many neons.  I am more of a neutral and dark shade kind of girl but I just had to try these shades out.

Note: Most neons are kind of thin and either require too many coats or recommend a white base before applying the color.  For these swatches and review I applied the color both over a clear base coat and a white base color.

This color is a very rich deep blue.  When I first applied it I didn't think it seemed very neon but then I put it in direct light, and wow did it pop.  The formula on this polish was excellent, I probably could have gotten away with one coat but did two just to be on the safe side.  I don't think it makes much difference to do a white base color with this shade because as you can see from the pics there really is no difference.

This was another color I was not to sure about.  In the bottle and in some lighting it seems kind of coral-ish.  But again I was pleasantly surprised.  This really is an orange color as you can see in the pictures.  This had a good formula with a two coat application both on clear and white bases.  Though the color really does pop with the white base color.  This is one of my favorite colors in the collection.

This is a super fun fruity green.  This was one of the colors that really attracted me to this collection.  This too had a good formula with a two coat application on both the clear and white bases.  Like Serial Shopper the white base color makes this color really viberant.  I like this color because it makes me think of sour fruits and candies, just looking at it makes my tastebuds wince.

This color is my fav, fav, favorite color.  This color is me, its a perfectly viberant shade of turquiose that is so appropriately named.  Really if I could put my personality, dreams, desires into a bottle of polish this is what it would look like.  This polish had a good formula with a two coat application, but it is a true neon and is better with a white base color.

This color is a darker shade of neon pink, almost kind of a magenta.  I think it is kind of refreshing compared to the common neon hot pink shades you see in many lines.  This color had an awesome formula with a two coat application over a white base color, and a one coat application on clear.  Like Chills & Thrills I don't think a white base color is necessary for this polish, it does just fine on its own.

This color is very pretty and more subtle than the rest of the colors in this collection.  At first I felt this color was too pastel to be a neon.  But like the other colors in this collection this color takes on a whole new life when it is applied to a white base color and looked at in different lights.  This also had a good formula with a two coat application but I would recommend the white base color with this one too.

This collection was so much fun that I may just become a neon person.  The formulas were better than I anticipated and the colors are just so bright and eye-catching.  This collection is the type that you can't really judge in the bottle.  If I had seen this on the shelf I might have passed it by, but I am really glad that I picked it up.  This collection really surprised me and all I can really say is WOW!

I hope you enjoyed these swatches and find the reviews helpful in your polish endeavors.  Let me know if you like these kind of posts.  Also, you can follow me through Google+ (click the link on the top right hand side of this page), Bloglovin, Facebook, Pintrest,  Nails 2 Die For, and now on Instagram (links below).  See you next time.

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