Color Club Oil Slick Swatches and Review

Hello Lovelies! Today, I have swatches of the awesomely gorgeous Oil Slick Collection from Color Club. It has been a while since I've purchased a mainstream collection. I vowed to dedicate most of my purchase power to indie brands, which I'm glad I did. However, I've always loved Color Club and I've been drooling over this collection ever since I first saw it. When HB Beauty Bar had a Columbus Day sale I could hold back any longer and finally made the purchase. 

This collection is a multi chrome collection. This means each polish shifts in color under different lighting. It was very difficult to catch this in the photographs but I did my best. I would recommend you try to see these polishes up close and personally to enjoy their full beauty. 

All swatches below are photographed indoors under daylight lamps. There is no topcoat on these swatches and I used a peel off basecoat to speed up the swatching process. If you have heavily ridges nails I would recommend using a ridge filler basecoat for a cleaner appearance. 

Burnt Out 

This little lovely shifts from a reddish to coppery orange. This shade is firery and very inviting. This is fully opaque in only one coat. 

Ice Breakers 

Unlike Burnt Out this shade is a cool silvery blue with a slight purple tone to it. This is mostly opaque with one coat but fully opaque with two.

Don't Kale My Vibe 

This is a gorgeous green that shift to a golden green. This color is so rich and the gold tones makes it nice and warm. Fully opaque in two coats.

Cash Only 

This ended up being my favorite polish of the entire collection. This is an awesome silver almost blue-ish shade that shifts to a bronze. It is phenomenally gorgeous in real life. It was also fully opaque with one coat.

We'll Never Be Royals 

This polish is very appropriately named. It is a very pretty royal purple that has a reddish burgundy shift to it. This was very interesting because under some lighting it is very cool and in others it's very warm. Fully opaque with two coats, however one coat would have worked too if you apply it generously.

Sorry, Not Sorry 

This is the softest and most feminine shade of the entire collection. In the bottle it appears very pink. Once it's applied you can see it is an almost dusty pink with a golden orange shift that is very inviting. Fully opaque in only one coat.

It's Raining Men 

This is another rich and royal shade that shifts from a gorgeous blue to a slight purple shade. Amazingly opaque with one coat. 

I am so pleased with this purchase. I have yet to be disappointed by Color Club. The colors and opacities of this entire collection are absolutely wonderful. I highly recommend you try to see these polishes in real life so that you may truly appreciate their real beauty. 

For those of you who are curious I created the look on my accent finger by spot sponging all the shades of the collection. I did this because I wanted to see how well the colors would blend, which you can see that they blend very well. 

I hope you enjoyed these swatches and found the review insightful. Thanks for stopping by, see you next time. 

Your Fellow Plebe,