Autumn Moroccan Print

Hello Lovelies!  Oh, how the time is flying!  I can't believe November is already here, I barely had time to enjoy October.  Now that we are moving past Halloween, I feel it is time to get away from the dark and dreary, and move onto something brighter and more cheery.  So, I decided to create this bright yet Autumn-esque Moroccan nail art design...

Materials I used:
Basecoat - SuperChic Lacquer "Bring it On!"
Polishes - Color Club "Look, Don't Tusk", "Tribe and True", "Apple of My Eye", "Off Duty", & "Antiquated
Moroccan Vinyls from Lou it Yourself
Medium/small dotting tool
Topcoat - SuperChic Lacquer "Marvel"

I started of with a nice off white crème base, to keep the design light and bright.  Because I am using vinyls to create this design I applied a quick drying topcoat and allowed it to dry completely.

I then applied my vinyls.  A tip for using full nail stencils is to cut little slits around the edges to help it flex and lay flat.  I find this particularly helpful because my nails are so curved.  I cut one slit on each side of my nails as well as near the smile line and the free end to help the vinyl to conform to my nail.  Using a dotting tool I filled in each Moroccan bauble, working each color in a row vertically down my nail.

I repeated the color pattern on my pointer, mid and ring finger.  On my pinky and my thumb, I used a left over piece of vinyl and filled in one Moroccan bauble near the smile line of my nail.  As always I performed a bit of clean up with gentle acetone and a brush.  I applied a final layer of quick drying topcoat, being sure to float it over the design to prevent the colors from streaking.

I love working with vinyls, they are simple, quick, and easy to work with.  The biggest challenge creating this design was working quick enough and peeling the vinyl before the polish dried too much.  I did end up with a little pulling but the design makes up for the minor problem areas.

Autumn is my favorite time of the year for many reasons, one reason being the colors.  The colors in this nail art design are perfect for this time of year, they kind of remind me of the leaves currently carpeting my lawn.  I hope you too enjoyed this nail art design, thank you for stopping by, see you next time.

Your Fellow Plebe,