Floral Water Decal - Lady Queen Beauty Review

Hello Lovelies!  If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen me post a swatch of Northern Star 'Faerie Kiss,' after wearing it for about a day I realized it would go smashingly well with some water decals that www.ladyqueen.com had sent to me.  Here is what I ended up with...

These floral water decals are Item #NA0823, they are available in 4 different patterns, this pattern is C259.

In all honesty, I have very little experience applying water decals.  In fact, I think this is only the third, maybe fourth time I have ever applied them.  However, they are not all that difficult to apply once you figure out what you are doing.
I started by applying white polish (Sally Hansen X-treme Wear 'White On') to the nails that would be wearing the water decals.  You don't have to use a color base polish but it helps the decals appear more opaque, I recommend using white because it make the decals more true to the color that you see in the packaging.

After removing the decals from their packaging, you have to trim the decals that you intend to use.  The decals in this package are arranged from a large size to a smaller size, I assume this is approximate sizing for thumb to pinky.  However, because everyone's finger sizing varies you may have to use them in a different order.  Once the decal is trimmed to the size you need, remove the protective plastic covering, and submerge it in water for approximately 10-20 seconds. Remove it from the water and slide it from the backing. Wet the nail and place the decal on your nail, its important that the base polish is dry to the touch. Wetting the nail allows the decal to slide on the nail, which helps to remove wrinkles. Using a cuticle pusher or orange stick, press the decal and smooth out any wrinkles.  Press the decal over the free end of your nail, then clean the excess decal using gentle acetone and a brush. I recommend using a dabbing or stippling motion when cleaning the excess decal. Using a swiping motion could potentionally pull and rip the decal.

For this nail art design, I used a full decal on my ring finger and half a decal on my mid finger.  I added a piece of striping tape to cover the divide and add a little decorative charm.

Decals are a simple easy way to create a fully decorative nail art design or to just jazz up a simple manicure.  

Ladyqueen.com has hundreds of water decal options both in full nail design (like this) and small accent decals.  Lady Queen Beauty also has many other nail art supplies and accessories all at very reasonable prices.  They offer the latest in Nail Art Trends as well as offer Daily Deals and Hot Sales. You may also use my code QJXS15 for 15% off. After you make a purchase you can submit product reviews and photos to earn points towards future purchases. Ladyqueen.com offers beautiful nail art products at great prices, and gives you so many extra ways to save, I highly recommend you check them out. 
I hope you enjoyed this nail art design, and found the tutorial and review useful.  Thanks for stopping by, see you next time.
Your Fellow Plebe,