Interlocking Dot Nail Art

Many of you have seen and are probably familiar with this nail art design.  It was this weeks NPQ challenge to create interlocking dots on our dominant hand.  I was very excited by this challenge because I have been practicing using my left hand (my non-dominant hand) as much as possible lately and I am pretty proud of how much better it is getting.  I also wanted to do a quick tutorial for all of my fellow plebes out there that have not created this design yet.  Its quite easy so please try it out.

2 shades of polish
tape (optional)
1-2 different sized dotting tools

Start with the lightest of your two polishes.  For my design I used OPI's 'My Dogsled is a Hybrid' from the Nordic collection (click here to see swatches).

For step 2 there are two option, you can use tape to divide your nail and paint your second color or you can just freehand it.  I personally prefer the tape method.  Whenever, using tape over a polish make sure that your polish is completely dry.  I use a quick drying top coat to speed up the process.  Place tape at the desired angle, paint the exposed part of the nail, and remove the tape quickly.  For my second color I used OPI's 'Viking in a Vinter Vonderland' also from the Nordic collection.

With a medium/large dotting tool place a row of dots evenly spaced across the divide line.  In this case, I started with my dark color into the light color.

Line the next row of dots up with the previous row of dots.  I like to use a slighly smaller dotting tool for each row of dots.

Continue lining up rows until the nail is filled.  You can see that I ran into my cuticle area with my dots.  I did this because I was more concerned about filling the space evenly, than I was about messy cuticles.  The design will get evened out in the clean up process.

Now it is time to create the interlocking portion of the design.  Using the lighter color (or the opposite color of the blank space on your nail), use a dotting tool to create a row of dots that line up in between the rows on the other side of the line, make sure they slightly overlap the line as well.  This creates the interlock.

Finish this side by creating rows of dots to fill the space just like the other side.

Perform a little clean up and add your favorite top coat. Be sure to allow a little drying time for your dots to set before applying your top coat to avoid runs.  I've been very impatient lately and have been creating runs and streaks.  This is very frustrating and a quick way to ruin a perfectly created nail art design.  So, here it is my Dominant Hand (meaning I painted it with my non-dominant hand) Interlocking Dot Nail Art Design.

I hope you found this tutorial helpful and will try it out on your own.  I'd love to see your recreations, if you do, post them on Instagram and tag @polish_plebe so that I can find them or head over to my Facebook page and post your picutres there.  Make sure to like/follow me while your there, or you can follow me by clicking the Join this Site Icon on the top right hand side of the screen, or through Google+Bloglovin, and/or Pinterest.  Thanks for stopping by, see you next time.

Your Fellow Plebe,