Randomly Organized Dot Nail Art Design

This weeks Blogger Bragger challenge is dots.  Dotting is one of the easiest nail art techniques out there but I still find them very challenging.  Creating consistent neat dots that look good is not always easy.  I attempted to use a systematic method of creating a dotted pattern that was organized yet random at the same time.  I also decided to use neon colors which I don't often use.

Top and base coat
3‐4 polish colors
Dotting tool (or toothpick or bobby pin)

I started with LA Colors Flicker  over a white base coat of Sinful Colors Snow White.  I used a white base polish to make the neon yellow more vibrant.

Using a small dotting tool and my white polish, I placed a small dot roughly in the middle of my nail.

I then created a slightly spaced horizontal row of dots.

I then created a row of vertical dots off the central dot.  This will look like a t‐shape.

I then created a grid of dots, lining up rows and columns with every other dot.

With the grid complete I used LA Colors Pizazz to fill in some of the white dots.  I did this randomly without any real pattern.

I also filled in various white dots with Nabi Black polish.  As you can see I left some dots white and did not fill all of them in.

This was the finished result after a little clean up and a top coat...

This challenge was a great exercise in practicing dotting.  The organized pattern allowed me to practice my control and randomizing the colors made it a little more interesting.  I would recommend trying this nail art design if you are new to dotting or feel you would like some practice.  I hope you enjoyed this nail art design.  Thanks for stopping by, see you next time.

Your Fellow Plebe,