Ferdinand and Daisy Cow Nail Art Design

Lately, I have been doing what I consider, fancy nail art designs. Today, I decided to change it up a little bit. I started this design because I thought I had some cow print decals but I either used them, lost them, or gave them away. I started the design without realizing that I didn't have the decals I thought I did so, I ended up hand painting the whole design. Not a big deal considering cow spots are one of the easiest animal prints to create.  Here is how I created this nail art design...

Base and top coat
White polish
Two shades of pink polish (light and medium)
Blue polish (sky colored)
Black acrylic paint (or polish)
Dotting tools and/or brushes

I started with a nice clean 2 coat application of my new favorite white polish, Sinful Colors 'Snow White.'

I then started Ferdinand the cow on my ring finger. I named him that because it seems like a cow appropriate name.  I used Zoya 'Dot' and created an almost heart shaped french tip. Any light pink polish or acrylic paint works just fine.

I then used black acrylic paints to outline his nose and draw the sides of his face. I am beginning to prefer acrylics paints over polish for this kind of art work because you can control the consistency by adding water. For smooth clean lines I use a slightly more watery consistency.  After outlining the face, I drew in his ears and the top of his head. I then added some horns, hair, eyes, and nostrils all with black acrylic paint.  I used Zoya 'Wendy', a slightly darker shade of pink to color the inner parts of his ears and nostrils. I also mixed some gray acrylic paint and filled in his horns. Lastly, I filled in the background with Nabi 'Baby Blue' because I felt like Ferdinand was lost in the white void.

On my mid finger Ferdinand confesses his love for Daisy. Okay, not really. I used Zoya 'Dot' again and drew an of kilter heart. I accidentally got a little black acrylic paint mixed into it but I decided to leave it be.  I then outlined the heart and drew the word "Moo" in black acrylic paint.

For the remainder of my fingers I drew random shaped and sized black cow spots, again with acrylic paint. I performed a little clean up and added a top coat. The top coat sealed the design and hid any imperfections I had (like the wrinkled white polish on the tip of my mid finger).

Because I needed the practice and because I didn't want Ferdinand to be lonely I created the same design on my right hand but with a few minor changes. I didn't give Daisy horns, instead she has a little flower in her hair. I also used Zoya 'Wendy' for her heart, instead of 'Dot'. Though the end result is far from perfect it's not bad for being painted with my non-dominant hand.

I think this design is really cute and my daughter loves it too! She keeps grabbing my hand and pointing at Ferdinand and Daisy and yelling "COW". Not bad for being one and a half. I hope you enjoyed this design as much as my daughter is.

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Your Fellow Plebe,