Nail Fail/Striping Tape Frustrations

I normally post a "What r u wearing Wednesday?" blog post.  However, I had a fairly frustrating nail art day yesterday so I ended up just posting a picture and description on my Instagram account of what I eventually ended up with. 

Today, I decided to share with you my nail fail from yesterday.  When new to nail art one often has grand ideas for awesome designs but often lack the skills, knowledge, and materials to make them come to fruition. 

For a while I have been wanting to try a design out I seen on a fabric pattern sold through an online fabric store. By the way, online fabric stores are a great source of inspiration with thousands of patterns and color combinations the ideas are endless. 

Anyways, I thought this geometric pattern I found would be interesting yet slightly more complex than some that I have done. With my new Color Club collection in hand I thought I was going to create a really awesome mani. 

Boy, was I disappointed :(.  I started with a skittle mani using every color from the Paris in Love collection except for Fondue for Two. That was to be used as a top color later on.  I then spent a significant amount of time taping out each line with striping tape. It took forever!  I then painted my top color which I used either Fondue for Two or Macaroon Swoon and then removed my tapes immediately like you should.

I had three problems though. One was that using individual tapes instead of single chevron tapes or vinyls made the pattern come out uneven and slightly inconsistent from one nail to the next. This was not such a big deal for me but for those perfectionists out there this could be a major problem.  The next problem that I had was that there was too many individual tapes to remove that I couldn't remove them quick enough so some of the polish was peeling with the tape. This is another problem that using chevron tapes could have solved.  The third problem I had, and I've had in the past was that I couldn't remember the sequence I laid the tapes in (too many tapes to remember). Occasionally, I would pull the tapes out of order and ruin an area. So I ended up completing one hand before I completely gave up on this design. 

As you can see there are runs, pulls, air bubbles, and imperfections in this mani. I think I will try this again but with nail vinyls instead. I just have to find or make some first ;).  I'll be sure to post the new version when I get it right. 

So to all you newbie nail artist out there, not every mani you see is accomplished on the first try. Remember, every awesome nail artist out there had to start somewhere. I'm sure some of them even have a bad day now and again too. So just keep on painting and learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others too. I hope you found this post useful and inspires you to try, try, and try again until you get it right. 

Your Fellow Plebe,