Interlocking and Overlaping Dots

For this #whatruwearingwed manicure I decided to redo a pattern that I had done about 5 weeks ago with a few slight modifications.  I decided to use this pattern only as an accent, I used a different color scheme, I reversed one nail, and I did it on my natural nails instead of on false nails.
Manicure from 5 weeks ago.

Base and top coat
Three colors of polish
Dotting tools (in 4 different sizes)
Scotch tape (optional)

For this todays nail art design I used two colors from OPI's Coca-Cola collection, "A Grape Affair" and "My Signature is DC", along with a color from their Muppet's Most Wanted collection "Kermit Me to Speak". (I haved swatched both of the collections.)

For today's design I started with "A Grape Affair" (for the tutorial we'll call this the primary color) on all fingers except my mid and ring fingers.  On those two fingers I applied "Kermit Me to Speak" (we'll refer to this as the secondary color).
For my accent nails I painted one third of my nail with my primary color.  You can use scotch tape to create a clean line if you'd like.  However, I wanted to practice my freehand a bit so I did without the tape.

Then it's time to create the interlock between the two colors.  I like to start with my primary color first (the darker color) and then the lighter.  Using a dotting tool overlap the edge of the difference in colors leaving enough space between them to create an equivalent dot in the second color.

With the interlocking complete use a dotting tool one size smaller than the one just used and an accent color.  For my accent color I used "My Signature is DC).  Place a dot slightly overlaping the lighter (or secondary) color dots.

Repeat with another set of dots in the secondary color using the same size dotting tool.  Depending on the opacity of your polish you may have to layer your dots to get them dark enough to cover the underlying color.

Next use the next size smaller dotting tool and your primary color to layer one more set of dots.

Finish this design up using your smallest dotting tool and your accent color to dot inbetween each row and in front of your previous dot.

Of course, don't forget to do a little clean up and add your favorite top coat to seal in your design.

I really like this design because at a glance it looks really complicated yet it is so simple to do.  Not to mention there are so many color combinations you can do with this pattern.  It also look good as a full pattern manicure or just as an accent.

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Your Fellow Plebe,