#LLFandom Challenge - My Homage to the "Walking Dead"

This months Lacquer Legion Challenge is #LLFandom.  I have always been a big fan of zombie movies, shows, comics, and parifinalia.  When I discovered The Walking Dead graphic novels I was excited and then the show came out and I was ecstatic.  So for this challenge I created my homage to The Walking Dead.

I started with Essie's Sew Psyched on my left hand and Color Club's Look, Don't Tusk on my right.  I topped them off with NYC matte top coat.  I choose two colors to represent the dark dismal side of the post apocalyptic world of the walking dead and the light to represent the living characters of the series.

Then using off white acrylic paints I hand painted "The Walking Dead" across my pointer, mid, and ring finger on my left hand.

I then filled in the lettering with red acrylic paint leaving an off- white outline.

With the lettering complete, I hand painted decals using a method I seen somewhere on Instagram.  Sadly, I can no longer find that video otherwise I would reference it.  I plan on doing a full tutorial on the technique I use in the near future.

I created a little bloody hand print which I placed on the pinky of my right hand.  I though it was just too gorily cute not to give it a close up.

For my right hand I created decals of symbols representing the various characters of the Walking Dead series.  A crossbow for everyone's favorite bad boy, Daryl. A sheriff's star representing, Rick.  That silly yet deadly silencer gun that young Carl carries around.  Lastly, the katana sword Mishone is known so well for.

After placing my decals I applied another coat of my matte top coat.  Then using red acrylic paint, a straw and my fingers, I splattered and smeared the paint to make it appear a bloody mess.  Unfortunately, a world full of walkers is not clean and proper.

However, I did clean up the red paint from my skin, and this is what I was left with…

I can't wait for October and Season 5 of the Walking Dead to start.  But in the mean time I'll just enjoy the Novels.  And if for some reason a zombie outbreak occurs at least my claws are ready for the fight.

I had fun creating this nail art design and using a new technique, it might not be pretty like most would expect nail art designs to be but I like it.   If you're a fan of the Walking Dead I would love to see your idea of what a Walking Dead fanicure should look like.  Post your pictures on Instagram and #ilovemanicures or you can post them on my Facebook page.  While your there don't forget to like and follow me if you haven't already.  You can also follow me through Google+, Bloglovin, and Pinterest too!  I'll see you next time.

Your Fellow Plebe,