Mistletoe Nail Art

On the eighth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, eight mistletoe!  For the fifth Nail Polish Queens Christmas challenge I created this sexy mistletoe manicure.  I went for the sexy approach since you are supposed to kiss under the mistletoe.

As it was pointed out by one of our Queens mistletoe and holly are not the same thing.  I was going to cheat and go with a more holly like design but then it wouldn't really be a challenge now would it.

I started off with China Glaze 'Conduct Yourself' and Sinful Colors '24 Karat'.  I love this burgundy and gold combination.

I then used my bornprettystore.com image plate QA57 and stamped the little x-shape pattern with 'Conduct Yourself' over the '24 Karat.'  I also used a striping brush and 'Conduct Yourself' and framed the entire nail.

This is the same image plate that I used my Glittery Snowflake manicure.  I have had a great deal of trouble with stamping but I have had the best luck with the image plates I have purchased through bornprettystore.com, not to meant their prices are great.  If you are interesting in purchasing from bornprettystore.com use coupon code: CREATEX31 for 10% off your purchase.

I then used two shades of green to draw squiggly vines and added small dots for leaves on my mistletoe.  I used Revlon 'Emerald' and a green Art Club stripper for my green shades.

To give the mistletoe a little character I added a few pearls for berries.  These pearls are from my Ciate Mini Manor Advent Calendar, which I am having a blast with.

I did a little clean up and added a shiny top coat to finish off my sexy mistletoe manicure.  I think this would be a great look for a party and in the absence of actual mistletoe you could use your manicure to encourage a kiss from your sweetheart.  I hope your are enjoying your holiday season so far, thanks for stopping by, see you next time.

Your Fellow Plebe,

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