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Winter is on its way here in the Northeastern United States for some of us its already here. With temperatures dropping and snowy weather moving in, many of us are looking for ways to stay warm. Heavy coats and sweaters are being brought out of storage and put to good use. I wanted to create a warm and interesting nail art design and what I came up with was this tweed like print.

Base and top coat (matte optional)
4-5 shades of polish
Stripping brush

I started with a nude base color, China Glaze 'Don't Honk Your Thorn' from their City Flourish collection. I know I just used this with Monday's design but it'll mostly be covered up by the end of this tutorial anyways.

I then started adding layers using the dry drag method. I do not have pictures of this method but it seems pretty simple to explain. The dry drag method is when you remove as much of the polish from the applicator brush by wiping on the side of the bottle. I also swiped my brush on a paper towel before application.

The first layer of dry drag was China Glaze 'What are You A-Freight of?' from their All Aboard collection. I did not cover the nail completely but did a staggered brick pattern horizontally across the nail. This left some blank space but no worries there are more layers coming.

For the next layer of dry drag I used China Glaze 'Don't Get Derailed' also from the All Aboard collection. I concentrated on filling in the slightly bare areas and brushed vertically this time allowing the layer to overlap the previous one a bit.

Next I added in some tweed stitches, I used China Glaze 'Well Trained' another from the All Aboard collection and a stripping brush to create thin vertical lines and t-shapes.

I repeated the previous step using China Glaze 'Swing Baby', I'm not sure what collection this is from but it's a favorite of mine that I purchased at the beginning of my nail polish addiction.  You'll notice I used all cream colors except this last one. I felt it need a little sparkle but not too much because there are not too many sparkly tweeds out there.

I did my clean up and add a matte top coat. You could of course use a regular top coat of youd like but I feel the matte top coat gives it a slightly more realistic affect.

I'm actually really enjoying this nail art design; it's one of those ones that look better in person than it does in pictures. This is a great fall/winter nail art design, it incredibly easy, perfect for beginners, and I hope you'll try it out. 

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Your Fellow Plebe,

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