Elegant V-Tip French Manicure

Since, I destroyed my nails last week I have been really bummed and not really in the mood to do nail art.  But today, I decided that there is no reason I can't have pretty nubs.  So, for this weeks #whatruwearingwed nail art design I decided to do a really simple french tip design that works well with both short and long nails.

Base and top coat
1 - 3 shades of polish
Stripping tape

I started this look off with naked nubs.  However, if you'd like to create something more colorful you could start with a base color of your choosing.  You could also use a french pink base coat too. I do not typically go without a base coat but I decided since I was using light colors that I would be okay.  I know they're not very pretty right now but this is what happens when I don't keep up with my nail care routine.

1) Using my stripping tape I taped a v-shape at the tip of my nail. I allowed one side to go all the way to the tip of my nail and on the other side I lined it up with the previously laid strip but did not allow it to overlap into the space on the other side.
2) I decided to do a two toned tip and started with Color Club 'Gold Struck' (from the Gala Gems Mini collection sold exclusively through Birchbox).  I filled in the smaller side of the V and immediately removed the top tape.
3) I then used Color Club 'Heirloom Pearls' (also from the Gala Gems collection) and filled in the bottom portion of the V.  I then removed the second piece of tape.
4)  I performed a bit of clean up and added a top coat to make it nice and shiny.

This design is incredibly easy and can be used for just about any occasion.  The colors I used here would be great for a wedding or to match an elegant outfit.  You could spice up the colors and make a really interesting look for any festive season.  You can also dress it up by adding gems or studs, but I think I like this simple elegant look.

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