Quatrefoil Nail Art

I have been wanting to try this design for a long time but was intimidated by it because it looks so difficult. I finally went ahead and gave it a try. It his is a recreation of Instagramer @mrswhite8907 for a giveaway she is hosting. I wanted to share this with you because it is much easier than it appears to be.

Base and top coat
Two shades of polish
Dotting tools
Stripping brush

I decided to use Sinful Colors 'Black on Black' and Color Club 'Antiquated'. You really can use any color combination you'd like but I would recommend that you use two colors that contrast heavily so that the design stands out more.

I created my quatrefoil over the gold. Using a small/medium dotting tool, create a four-point flower near the cuticle. Fill the nail with four-point flowers each one touching.

Next, use a stripping brush and draw a thin line extending from the corners of the petals.

For the final step use a slightly smaller dotting tool than the previous one used. Along with the base color dot a flower directly over the previous four-point flower leaving a border of the older dotted color showing.

There you have it, a quatrefoil design. It really is quite easy and just oh so elegant. I really love this design the black and gold are very striking. I hope you like this design and will give it a try if you haven't already. Thank you for stopping by, see you next time.

Your Fellow Plebe,