Stars Over a Halfmoon Manicure

I am super excited to share my #whatruwearingwed manicure for a couple reasons.  First, my prize package from @jay_jay_bee's 1K giveaway arrived yesterday.  You remember all those vintage manicures I created not to long ago?  They were all enteries for that giveaway and I won!  Well I couldn't wait to use my new beauties.  The other reason I'm excited is because I get to work on glitter placement.  I haven't had any unique glitters to play with so I haven't tried this before, but thanks to @jay_jay_bee I have a fun star glitter polish to play with.  So, this is what I came up with...

Base and top coat
Two shades of polish
Large piece glitter polish (or loose shaped glitter)
Reinforcement stickers or french tip vinyls
Star stencil vinyls (optional)

I started this manicure of with two coats of Sephora by OPI's 'What Aura Gonna Wear?'  This is not a color I would typically wear, it is super girly and pink.  Unfortunately, it is not opaque enough to cover the ugly bruise on my mid-finger, so I had to cover it up.  I did use a quick drying top coat overth is.  I like to apply a top coat between layers of a design because it speeds up the drying time allowing me to use vinyls and stickers sooner, and because it allows touching up on layers above.

To cover up my ugly bruise and to make this an interesting manicure I placed a reinforcement sticker, cut in half along the top of my cuticle area.  I then painted Revelon's Brilliant Strength 'Fascinate' on the lower part of my nail and then quickly removed the sticker.  I used acetone and a small brush to clean up the halfmoon line.

I then applied a coat of Nicole by OPI's 'She's Lily Something' avoiding the star pieces for now.  This is a really pretty iridescent pink glitter with star pieces in it.

I then fished some star glitters out of the previously mentioned glitter polish.  This was a bit difficult, I found it easiest to fish them out if I shook the bottle vigorously while holding it upside down for a bit to get the star pieces to float to the top.  If you can manage to set the bottle upside down for a while that would help too.  I couldn't set this bottle to stand upside down because of its unusual shape.  Once I dug the star pieces out I used a small dotting tool (you could also use a toothpick) to pick up and place the pieces. I recommend you fish out your glitter pieces before you apply the glitter polish (the previous step).  It is better to place your glitter pieces will the undercoat is still a bit wet.  This make it easier to move the pieces around.

For my accent finger I used a star stencil nail vinyl from  If you don't have star vinyls you could make your own (check out my DIY nail vinyl post), of course, purchased nail vinyls require less work and leaves no room for errors on your part in the quality of the vinyl.  With the vinyl in place I used my purple polish and filled in the stars that I wanted.  I removed the vinyl and added some of that iridescent glitter, less the stars over top.

Of course, don't forget to do a little cuticle clean up and add your favorite shiny top coat.  If you use a thinner top coat you may want to apply two coats to keep your star glitters from popping off.

This is not usually a look I wear.  This pink and purple combo along with the glitter is just over-the-top girly for me but I think it is just too cute.  I hope you enjoyed my #whatruwearingwed 'Stars Over a Halfmoon Manicure'.  I would love to see what you're wearing on your fingers this wonderful Wednesday.  Head over to my Facebook page and post your pictures or use the previously mentioned hashtag on Instagram and tag @polish_plebe in the comment.  While your there like/follow me, you can also follow me by clicking the 'Join this Site' icon on the top right hand side of the screen, or through Google+Bloglovin, and/or Pinterest.  Thank you for stopping by, see you next time.

Your Fellow Plebe,