Fall Skittles Manicure

I love fall it is my favorite season of the year! Everything about it is wonderful, the colors, the weather, the festivals, the holidays, you name it I love it. When I first started this manicure I didn't really have a plan. Most of the nail art designs I do I either have a design or a color scheme or something that I have in mind, but not this one. I just wanted to create a manicure that was purely fall inspired, and this is what I came up with…

Each finger is something that to meet represents or reminds me of fall. On my thumb I painted an autumnal tree, with falling leave.

On my pointer I painted a falling leaves with swirls. The swirls represents fall breezes that blow leaves around.

On my mid-­‐finger I painted a plaid design. I think of plaid patterns when I think of fall.  I'm not sure if it is because of school uniforms or what but plaid comes to mind.

On my ring finger I painted a pumpkin because what is fall without pumpkins. One of my favorite things to do in the fall is to visit the pumpkin patch and pick out the biggest pumpkin I can find.

On my pinky I painted a simple chevron. I think of chevrons when I think of autumn because of Charlie Brown. Of course, I used different colors but that's because I wanted it to coordinate with the rest of this manicure. I did use nail vinyls to create this chevron design.

I used several different polishes and strippers to create this manicure:

  • Essie's 'Partner in Crime' and 'Take it Outside' from the Dress to Kilt Collection
  • Color Club's 'Off Duty' and 'Apple of My Eye' from the Made in NY Collection (swatches and review coming soon)
  • Orly 'Lavish Bash'
  • Strippers in green, black, and white

I am so proud of this manicure, I feel that I accurately caught the feeling of fall with these designs. I'm also really excited about how my freehand abilities are coming along. I will not be taking this manicure off anytime soon. I hope you enjoy fall and this manicure as much as me. Thank you for stopping by, see you next time.

Your Fellow Plebe,