China Glaze's "The Giver" Collection Swatches and Review

Today, I have a review and swatches of the complete China Glaze 'The Giver' Collection.  I know this is kind of late, the movie has come and gone in most theaters already, but I really wanted to share it with you.  It took me a while to get because I could not seem to find it at any of my local suppliers, so I had to order it online.

All of the following swatches are photographed outdoors in indirect sunlight, without any additional lighting or filters.  It was a slightly cloudy day so there is some pictures are darker/lighter than others.  However, they are as true in color as I could get them.  I hope you enjoy these swatches.

This is an intensely opaque glitter  polish.  I have never experienced anything like it.  It appears to be a dark rich brown almost black with shards of silver, golds, and coopers.  This is amazing and my camera does it no justice at all.

Opaque in two coats.  Earthy medium dark brown.  This is a nice color for fall, and it complements most of the other colors in the collection.

Two coats.  Incredibly pale warm gray.  Otherwise, known as taupe.

One Coat.  Vivid, bright, apple red.  Also another great color for fall.  Or for a night out on the town.

Opaque in almost one coat, completely opaque in two coats.  Very rich warm deep blurple color, with a ever so slight grey‐ish hue.

Two coats.  Medium cool gray, with a slight blue tint.  Kind of a storm cloud grey color.

Two coats.  On camera this color appears to be white, but it actually the palest blue.  Its almost as if they took a bottle of blue polish and placed one drop of robins egg blue into it.  It is actually very pretty in person, I wish my camera could catch that.

Almost one coat, ended up with two.  Incredible bright blue.  I think of it as a neon robins egg blue.  So eye‐catching and vivid. Gorgeous!

Two coats. Rich and vibrant purple.  Absolutely beautiful.

Opaque in two coats.  Just like 'New Birth' this color appears white in the pictures.  However, it is the absolute most lightest shade of pink I have ever seen.

Two coats.  This color was the biggest surprise in the collection for me.  In the bottle it doesn't appear to be very striking.  It is a medium toned purple‐grey that seems somewhat unimpressive.  But once I applied it I was awe‐struck, this color is just very pretty and easy to wear.  It is both soft and rich.  This for me is an unusual color but I am absolutely in love!

This is a very pretty topper.  It is a translucent base full of little white micro glitters and just a smattering of silver shiny pieces.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get my camera to pick up any of the silvery bits (it might be time for a better camera).

I have read other reviews and comments about this collection and I have seen complaints that there are too many colors with similarities in this collection such as 'New Birth' and 'Friends Forever, Right?' or the various shades of grey in the collection.  However, I feel, based on what I know of the story and of the previews that I have seen that these colors are accurate representations of "The Giver".  I also like the similarity of colors it allows one to make easy gradient designs and soft designs that aren't obvious or overpowering.  Ultimately, I give this collection two thumbs up for accurate representation, good formulas, and pretty colors that are wearable. I hope you enjoyed these swatches and find the review useful.  Thanks for stopping by, see you next time.

Your Fellow Plebe,