Mondrain Inspired Colorr Blocking Nail Art Design

I have always loved geometric designs, even as a young child I would doodle pictures using various shapes.  Piet Mondrain is one of the most popular artist known for his retro geometric artwork pieces.

I decided to do my first color blocking manicure (ever) inspired by Mondrain compositions.

Black, white, red, yellow, and blue polish
Striping tape
Small Brush

I started with one coat of Nabi 'Black' on all my fingers.

For my accent fingers I placed random sized squares and rectangles using striping tape.
I then applied white polish and removed the tapes.  I used Sinful Colors 'Snow Me White' for my white polish.

I then used red, yellow, and blue polish and a small brush to fill in some of the squares/rectangles.  I used OPI 'Coca‐Cola Red', Sinful Colors 'Endless Blue,' and China Glaze 'Metro Pollen‐tin'.

I did have to touch up my black lines.  I used a black nail art striper to freshen up and straighten up my lines.

I love this design!  Between the geometric pattern and the colors its just perfect.  It is so easy to create and a great way to practice the striping tape process.  Of course, if you are really good (or want to practice your freehand), you can start with a white base polish and hand paint the black lines using a nail art striper too.  This would save you some time, but I prefer using the tape because my lines are more consistent and straighter.  Either way you should try this design, it is really striking.

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Your Fellow Plebe,