China Glaze 'All Aboard' Collection Swatches and Review

Initially, I was going to pass on this fall collection since I was getting "The Giver" collection. But the reasonable prices of in addition to their Labor Day sale made it difficult to pass up. I didn't have any great expectations for this collection because none of the colors really grabbed my attention. Usually there is at least one or two colors that catch my eye and that is why I purchase it. Unfortunately, for my wallet, I am one of those people that can't by just one polish from a collection, I have to buy the whole collection. I feel like I'm separating brothers and sisters if I don't buy the entire set. I know I'm a little weird.

Anyways, this collection really surprised me. Many of the colors are more interesting and beautiful when applied than when you see them in the bottle. Also most of the colors are opaque with one coat. Additionally, it is a very diverse collection there are opaque creams, opaque metallic, jelly metallics, and a glitter. So, if you like variety this is a great collection.

This is a cream polish that is opaque in one coat. This is a very interesting army green-­ish color. In some light it looks very like a muddy green and in others a slightly brown-­ish color.

This is a slightly translucent metallic, shown with one coat. I don't typically gravitate toward purple shades but this is a very pretty dark lilac that is very shimmery.

The cover title of the collection, not at all what I expected it to be. This creamy medium purple shade was opaque in two coats. In my opinion, this is the least autumnal color in the collection. However, it is still pretty and has a good formula.

This was the first big surprise for me in this collection. This is a beautiful opaque metallic polish that only took one coat to get full coverage. This color is very attractive dark fuchsia color. This color is a very mature color, without being granny worthy.

One coat opaque coverage. This is a beautiful rich burgundy polish with just a hint of metallic shimmer. This color is kind of similar to 'Nice Caboose!' but is more red instead of pink. It has a very romantic feel to it.

This was another surprise polish for me. In the bottle I thought this was very ugly, but once you put it on it takes on a whole different look. This unique polish was opaque with one coat. It is a medium-­‐dark brown with large iridescent shimmer pieces in it. I don't own anything like this, though I have seen similar compositions in the indie polish market.

This is another cream polish that is opaque with one coat. This is a very dark brownish-­red/reddish-brown polish. I think this is a perfect fall shade and can see myself using it in upcoming Halloween designs.

Surprise number three for me in the collection is this very unique semi-­‐translucent metallic polish. This super shimmery polish is a very interesting golden tan green color.This polish has so many different facets that I couldn't capture all of them on camera.

This is probably one of my most favorite shades in the collection. This beautiful cream was opaque in just one coat. This shades is a very dark teal green shade that is perfect for fall.

Another favorite of mine in this collection is this rich royal blue polish. This also was opaque in just one coat.

The glitter polish in this collection, to me is not all that unique but it is a perfect fall glitter and goes surprisingly well with most of the polishes in this collection. It is a slightly smokey translucent base with dark micro pieces, I can't tell if they are black or brown, and there are also orangey red (almost cooper) small pieces.

Last for this collection is the color I think screams fall is this gorgeous metallic rich medium orange. Perfectly opaque in one coat I think this is a must have polish for everyones' fall wardrobe.

This is an awesome fall collection for all the reasons I posted above, there are a few colors I wouldn't really consider autumnal or even wintry but all the colors are interesting, each in their own way. If you haven't purchased any fall collections yet, I would recommend you start with this one. I hope you enjoyed these swatches and find the review helpful in procuring polishes for your own collection. Thanks for stopping by, see you next time.

Your Fellow Plebe,