Vintage/Retro Nail Art Showcase

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday.  Unfortunately, I don't have a real #whatruwearingwed post for you today for a couple reasons.  I have a lot of chores and various house projects to take care of.  Additionally, today is the last day to submit entries for Jenn's (@jay_jay_bee) #jays1kgiveaway on Instagram , so I'd like to get a few designs done for that.

I decided to showcase the designs I've done for this giveaway, the theme for the giveaway is vintage or retro designs.  You may have seen these designs before, I have done tutorials for some of these, I posted some to Facebook and various Google+ Communities.  If you follow me on Instagram you've definitely seen them.

Vintage Bow Design - Inspired by's Heidi Dress and a black bow ring from

Retro Stripes and Dots

Harlequin Print - also inspired by

Vintage Bowling Bag Design - you guessed it inspired by a bowling bag.

Retro Print - I'm not sure what you'd call this design? Retro Splats? Retro Star burst?

Retro Rectangles

Daisy Chain Design - Inspired by an apron I seen once

Glitter Wood Grain - what's more retro than a wood grain print?

Vintage Style Polka Dots, Stripes, and Roses - classic design with an updated color scheme, one of my favorites.

Mondrain Color Blocking - Inspired, of course, by Piet Mondrain.  One of my favorite artist of all times.

Fall Chevrons - Retro look perfect for fall

Vintage Tulips - Inspired by a scarf I seen once upon a time.

So this is what I have been able to complete since the beginning of Jenn's giveaway.  I am really hoping to do more but time is running out.  I will post pictures of any others that I get to complete today on Facebook and definitely on Instagram, so check your feeds later on.  I would also love to see #whatruwearingwed so post a picture and description on either network.  If you post on Instagram tag @polish_plebe so that I can find it easily.  Also don't forget to like/follow me while your there, or by clicking the 'Join this Site' Icon on the top right hand side of the screen or through Google+Bloglovin, and/or Pinterest.  I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week, thanks for stopping by, see you next time.

Your Fellow Plebe,