DIY Nail Art Decals

For many nail artist particularly newbies and those that don't have time to practice it is especially difficult to paint with your non-dominant hand. How many times have you painted your nails and loved the design but can't execute it well enough to show off both of your hands. Well, here is a trick you can use to create interesting and consistent beautiful nail art designs.

A flat rigid surface
Base and top coat
Polishes or acrylic paint

In order to create a decal you need a flat impermeable surface that is smooth. Some people like to use a paint palette, or a piece of plastic wrap stretched out on a counter. I like to use plastic sleeve meant for protect documents. You can tell I use this a lot.

Start by painting a square or rectangle of top coat on your surface.

For your next layer start your artwork. I decided to do a random floral pattern to complete this weeks Blogger Bragger challenge. I used black acrylic paint and a small brush to draw my flowers.

I then used various polishes to fill in the flowers.

After you are satisfied with your design cover with a coat of your background color. I recommend two or three coats , you want it to be opaque as well as thick enough so that it peels from your surface without tearing.

I really like using this document protector because I can easily flip it over and see how my design is going to look.

Give your decal ample time to dry and then peel them from the surface. If the decal stretches or is to sticky let dry a little longer. I started this project late in the evening so I left it over night to dry. Very carefully peel your decal from your surface, slower is better for this step.

Applying the decal is pretty simple. Start by applying base coat to your nail, while it is wet place your decal. As long as your base is wet you can slide the decal around until it is where you want it.

Use your finger to apply pressure to get it to stay in place.

Then with an orange stick or cuticle pusher rub out any wrinkles.

Remove the excess decal by applying pressure with a finger nail or cuticle pusher to cut the extra decal. This may create a jagged line but no worries you can easily clean the line with acetone.

To finish up use a buffer or file to remove the excess from the tip. Use acetone and a brush to clean around your cuticle and apply of top coat to help smooth out any imperfections and help keep the decal in place.

And that is how you can create your very own nail art decals. I completed this look by painting my other nails with one of my new favorite polishes China Glazes 'Release' from "The Giver" collection and studs from  If you make a purchase from use coupon code CREATEX31 for 10% off your purchase.  I hope you'll try this technique to create your own awesome designs. Thanks for stopping by, see you next time.

Your Fellow Plebe,