Harlequin Print Nail Art Design

It is the middle of the week, and you know what that means...it's time for this weeks installment of 'What are you wearing Wednesday?'  For this #whatruwearingwed  I decided to create another retro/vintage inspired design.

This design was inspired by pinupgirlclothing.com and all their harlequin print clothing pieces.  It was not difficult to create but a little time consuming.

Base and top coat
Black and white polish
Your choice of colored polishes
Striping brush
Small brush

I started my design with two coats of OPI 'Alpine Snow' and topped it off with one coat of OPI 'I Juggle...Men'.  This topper is very pretty but unfortunately my lighting is not picking up the iridescent sparkles (I'm still working on improving my lighting).

I then used a black nail art striper to create a diamond-shaped grid pattern.  I did this freehand but I kind of wish I had used tape.  However, I did not have the patience to tape out this design.

I then used the same black nail polish and filled in some of the diamonds.  I filled them in by row.

I then used various colors to fill in most of the white spaces that remained.  I used all OPI polishes to fill in the white.

Pink - 'Chicago Champagne Toast'
Blue - 'Yodel Me on My Cell'
Purple - 'Kermit Me to Speak'
Burgundy - 'Thank Glogg it's Friday'
Green - 'Green on the Runway'

I performed a little clean up magic, added another coat of OPI 'I Juggle...Men' and a quick drying top coat and voila! A harlequin vintage inspired print.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks #whatruwearingwed and I hope you'll share what you're wearing.  You can either post it on my Facebook page. Or you can post it on Instagram with the previously mention hashtag and tag @polish_plebe in the comments so that I can find it easily.  Be sure to like and follow me while your there.  You can also keep track of me by clicking the 'Join this site' icon on the top right hand side of the screen or through Google+Bloglovin, and/or Pinterest.  Thanks for stopping by, see you next time.

Your Fellow Plebe,