Many of you might be thinking what in the world is a blobbicure?!  That is exactly what I was questioning when I was invited to this months Nail That Technique challenge on Instagram.  I was invited by the lovely @puttykan to join the fun.  After searching Instagram and the web, I found it was one of those nail art design I've avoided because I didn't really care for it.  I decided to give it a shot anyways, so that I could see how easy or hard it could be.  This is what I came up with after my third try...

It's not the greatest but I learned a few things that I hope to pass on to you, so that if you decide to try it you might not have the same problems.  Let's start with the technique.  Start with a thin coat of your base color.  I ended up using Color Club 'Look, Don't Tusk.'  As you can see I wasn't overly concerned with the cleanliness or streakiness of the first coat application.

Next apply a second coat of your base color.  I recommend applying this layer kind of thick.  Then while the base layer is still very wet, dab your secondary color over different areas of the nail.  If you time it right (and don't let the base dry too much) the dabbed color will bleed out into the base color.  For my secondary color I used Color Club 'Lion's Den.'
Perform a bit of clean up, give it a few minutes to dry, and then apply your favorite top coat.

I had some difficulties with this technique, it may seem really easy but I learned a few things that might help you out.  First, I do not recommend using any type of quick drying polishes they don't allow you enough time to work and end up not blending nicely during the dabbing process.  I feel using thick crème base colors work best, at least with the three combinations that I tried.  It is really easy to overload your brush on the secondary color and end up with really large blobs that over take the nail.  This is what happened on a couple spots, here.  Also, I think it looks best using to polishes that contrast heavily, but of course this is only a matter of opinion.  This picture below was my very first attempt at a blobbicure and I decided to start over because the colors did not contrast enough and my blobs were overly messy.

My second attempt was even worse, and I didn't even bother photographing it.  All in all, this is not my favorite technique.  However, I have seen some really awesome giraffe and tortoise shell designs made using this technique.  I'm glad I gave it a try and maybe I'll try it again in the future, maybe.  I hope you found this tutorial helpful and the tips useful.  Thanks for stopping by, see you next time.

Your Fellow Plebe,

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