Hugs and Kisses Gradient

This week's NPQ challenge is gradient design in honor of our gradient Queen +Sarah Short .  I decided to try a little experiment involving vinyls and liquid latex to create this nail art design...

I started with a nice clean white base coat of Color Club 'On Cloud Nine,' (from the Love Tahiry collection).

For my thumb I did a simple two tone gradient, sponged in three coats.  I used liquid latex on my cuticles to speed up the clean up process.  I used Color Club 'Je T'Aime,' (from the Paris in Love collection,) and 'The Islands' (from the Ticket to Paradise collection).
To create the X's for hugs, I created the outline using single chevron vinyls from  Then I covered up my cuticle and the areas I didn't want color on with liquid latex.  I then sponged my colors over the X.  Be sure that you let the liquid latex dry completely when using it.  I didn't and I made a mess, luckily I was able to salvage the design without starting over.  I also reversed the colors so the green was on top and the pink was on the bottom.  My X lost a little of its shape when I removed the vinyls and latex, so I went back over with white polish and a small brush to fix it.
For the O's, aka kisses, I used binder reinforcement circles (these can be found in any office supply store or department).  I covered the exposed area I didn't want color on with liquid latex.  I then repeated the sponging process over the open center of the circle.  After removing the reinforcement circle and the latex, I used a small dotting tool and white polish to dot the center of the O.
I repeated the X and O on my ring and pinky fingers, performed some clean up and applied a shiny quick drying top coat.
This was fun, though a little more time consuming than I had expected.  I hope you enjoyed this nail art design.  Thanks for stopping by, see you next time.
Your Fellow Plebe,