Jelly Sandwich Hearts

I have been wanting to try this technique out for a while and I thought what better theme than Valentine's Day to create a jelly sandwich design.  You know because love is a layered thing, so I did a basic layered heart design.

To create this look start with a semi-translucent or sheer polish.  I've seen these type of nail art designs done with OPI Sheer Tints or Smokey top coats.  I don't own any sheer tints and I wanted something bright so I opted to use a pink glitter topper I have,  Sinful Colors 'Glass Pink'.  Start out with one thin coat of your sheer polish.

Then draw or stamp a design of your choice.  I decided to go with simple hearts for Valentine's Day.  For those of you who do not have experience drawing hearts, here is a simple way of drawing them.  Start with a small or medium size dotting tool and place two dots next to each other.  Then with a striping or thin brush draw a V-shape from the outside of the dots creating the hearts point.  Then simply fill in the center.

For this design I drew multiple hearts in three different shades, Color Club 'Red-Handed,' ' Sweet Getaway,' and 'On Cloud Nine.'

Once, you are satisfied with your first layer of hearts (or whatever pattern/design you are creating) add another layer of your sheer tint.

Add another layer of your pattern, in this case hearts.  You may end up overlapping them a bit at this point.

Add another layer of sheer tint.

I finished with one more layer of hearts and a clear top coat.  By this layer it is nearly impossible not to overlap the design.

I stopped here because I felt anymore layers would start to messy and be to thick.  Keep in mind the more layers you create the longer it will take to dry and the thicker it will be.  Thicker nail art does not last as long and is more likely to chip.

One of the great benefits to a nail art design using this jelly sandwich technique is that it allows you to practice a basic shape or pattern repeatedly.  With each layer the lower layers become more opaque so your early mistakes get hard to see.  Not to mention it creates a really interesting look.
I hope you enjoyed this nail art, and give it a try yourself.  Thanks for stopping by, see you next time.
Your Fellow Plebe,