Cinema Swatch Lacquers Limited Edition Walking Dead Trios Swatches and Review

I am so incredibly excited because I got my hands on Cinema Swatch Lacquers Limited Edition Walking Dead Trios 1 & 2!  I am a huge fan of The Walking Dead.  I was into the graphic novels before the television series came out and since the television show premiered I have been sucked in.  I cannot wait till the mid-season premiere this Sunday.  In the meantime I wanted to share these awesome lacquers with you.

Before I even get started with the polishes themselves, I just wanted to say that I love how they arrived in burlap gunny sacks.  What a perfect touch!  I also really like the unique shape of the bottles, too (you'll see them in pictures below).

Trio 1
This is the original trio that was re-released recently when the second trio came out.  I am really happy that I was able to get these.  These three polishes have warm hues and differ greatly from the second trio.

This copper jelly like polish is full of red and dark brown glitter pieces.  It is a very warm and inviting polish that is just took gorgeous!

These swatches show a three thin coat application and no top coat.  I love it!

Last Man Standing

This color really surprised me.  I didn't think much of it in the bottle but once I applied it I was amazed.  This polish is a very dark reddish purple base with silver and red glitter pieces.  It is really quite stunning (unfortunately my camera was having a hard time focusing on it, I really need to get a macro lens).

These swatches are shown with a three thin coat application without a topcoat.

Katanas & Hugs

Saving my favorite of this trio for last is the polish inspired by one of my favorite characters, Mishone.  This is a beautiful silver polish filled with red glitter.  I have never seen anything like this polish and I am absolutely in love with it.

These swatches are shown with a two coat application with a top coat.  I have been wearing this for the last few days, that's why its shown with a top coat.

Trio 2
This second trio takes on much cooler tones than the original trio.  I think this is very fitting since the cast of characters have dealt with a great deal of looses, not to mention that the characters have become colder to outsiders because of all the negativity they are faced within their new world.
Smoke & Fire

This is inspired by Carol another favorite character of mine, she does what needs to be done without a fuss.  This is a truly amazing polish and I'm really disappointed that my camera couldn't pick up its amazingness.  This lovely grey jelly base polish is full of beautiful iridescent flakes.

These swatches are shown with a two thin coat application without a top coat.  It is phenomenally shiny without the top coat as you can see.

Adversities Child

Inspired by Carl, the strong brave child of Rick.  As always I am a sucker for blues and this one is gorgeous!  This aqua blue jelly based polish is full of silver glitter pieces.  Blue and silver just go together so perfectly, don't they.

These swatches are showing a two thin coat application without a top coat.   This one is equally as shiny as Smoke & Fire.
Carl Poppa
Inspired by the leader of the group, and Carl's poppa, Rick.  This lacquer is strong and unique.  It is a dark blue jelly base full of silver, blue and copper glitter.

These swatches are shown with a three thin coat application without a top coat.

These trios are absolutely phenomenal, I really love how unique they are.  I think the colors really fit the characters they were inspired by.  I'm going to have a hard time deciding which of these polishes I'll be wearing this Sunday.  I am so super excited, how about you?!
I hope you enjoyed these swatches and found the reviews helpful.  Thanks for stopping by, see you next time.
Your Fellow Plebe,