Watermarble Practice

Hello Lovelies! Yesterday I decided to practice watermarbling.  This is a nail art technique I am far from mastering, but I love it so much that I really want to get good at it.  I decided to use some Zoya nail polishes that I have used in the past.  Most things that I have read about watermarbling says that it is best to use new polishes.  However, these polishes are about a year old and I used them because the colors seemed right for the season and I have had some success with them in the past.

I used Zoya 'Rooney,' 'Wendy,' 'Cole,' 'Tilda,' and 'Ling' (shown from left to right).

I used a white base coat this time around, the first time I used these polishes for watermarble I did not use a base coat (it was my second time watermarbling, ever).  This is two coats of Color Club 'Blank Canvas.'  As you can see I wasn't too concerned with perfection here.

I created a three layer bulls-eye with my Zoya polishes.  I use bottled water when doing watermarble because I have hard water.  My tap water has so many minerals that the polishes just will not spread in it.  Bottled water works wonderfully and I leave it with my nail art supplies so that it is always at room temperature.  Your tap water may work just fine, but if you are having a problem with getting the polishes to spread try bottled water.  This time around I attempted to create a flower-type design by pulling in toward the center.  I then dipped, aiming to capture the petals (I used a liquid latex mask on my skin, the purple stuff, to help with the clean up process).  Clean the surface of the water with a q-tip while your finger is in the water.  Remove your finger slowly once the surface of the water is clear of polish.

Seems really easy, doesn't it?  I spent almost the entire day working on this.  I had so many problems, from the polish drying too quickly to accidentally knocking the cup and destroying patterns.  For me this is such a frustrating nail art technique, but the results are so pretty.

Even though it's not perfect I do like the colors, and it turned out well enough to present to you.  You can see some of my white base showing through in some spots.  This was caused by air bubbles that occurred during the finger dipping process.

I was also getting frustrated because I couldn't get the petals small enough to fit them on my nails exactly the way I wanted them.  I settled for them being a little larger and spaced further apart.

All in all, I like the way this watermarble design turned out.  Zoya crème polishes work really well for me when trying to do watermarble and the white under-coat really makes the colors pop.  This is a great summer time color scheme, I'm feeling ready for the beach and sun.Thanks for stopping by, see you next time.

Your Fellow Plebe,