Retro Cherries and Stripes

Hello Lovelies!  As many of you know I love all things retro, vintage, and/or pinup style, and since its been a while  I thought it was time for me to create a retro nail art design.  I decided to go with a classic cherry pattern because I have never done one (can you believe that)!  I wanted to do a little something more than just cherries so this is what I did...

Materials I used:
Base coat: Seche Vite
White polish: Color Club 'On Cloud Nine' (white chocolate scented)
Red polish: Color Club 'Red-Handed' (cinnamon scented)
Black polish: Sinful Colors 'Black on Black'
Green Art Club stripper (not shown in picture below)
Striping tape
Dotting tools
Silver studs from
Top coat: Rica 'Glossy Glam'

I started off with two coats of white on my pointer, mid, and ring fingers, and two coats of red on my pink and thumb.  I applied top coat to my pointer and mid because I will be using tape on these fingers for my stripes.

On my ring finger, I created a cherry pattern on the entire nail.  This is relatively easy because it really is just a series of dots.  Using a medium/small dotting tool I placed two dots together randomly over the nail.  I then used a green nail art striper and drew a v-shaped stem connecting the two dots.  Then with a very small dotting tool I applied a very small white dot on the same side of each cherry.

I finished off this manicure by dotting medium/large dots over the red on my pink and thumb.  On my pointer I used striping tape and applied black over the white.  Lastly for the mid finger I did a half stripe, half cherry pattern using medium sized silver studs over the center.

I really like this nail art design, because I love the retro look.  The classic red, white, and black combo are just the perfect pin up combo, and the little splash of green really livens up the look.  I also like that even though this design looks complicated that it was actually very easy to create.

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend so far, and I hope you enjoyed this nail art design as much as I.  Thanks for stopping by, see you next time.

Your Fellow Plebe,