Radial Dots

Hello Lovelies!  I hope everyone had a long and lovely holiday weekend.  I had intended to do some patriotic nails for Memorial Day but the weather was so nice that I never got around to actually creating them.  I'll save that design for the Fourth of July.  I thought I would do a simple dotticure nail art to get me back on track...

Materials I used:
Base coat - INM Ridge Filler - I typically use Seche Vite, but that's because I buff my nails smooth.  I have a significant problem with ridges but my nails are so weak lately that I am trying to avoid buffing them.  Using a ridge filler base coat helps smooth out the nail without damaging them.
Base color - Color Club 'Sweet Mint'
Dot colors - Color Club 'Frozen Daquiri,' 'With the Cabana Boy,' 'All Inclusive,' 'The Islands,' & 'Sea-ing Blue'
Various dotting tools
Top coat - Rica 'Glossy Glam'

I had initially planned this with a white base color, but I use white so often that I thought I should change it up just a little.  So I decided to go with this incredibly pale green from the Shifting Into Neutral collection.  I purchased this collection a while ago, but never actually swatched it.  This pale green has just the oh, so slightest shimmer.

 I began my pattern on my mid finger with a large dotting tool I placed one dot in the center of my nail.  I then used a smaller dotting tool and dotted around the single large dot with my next color.  I repeated the process, using a smaller dotting tool with each round. 

For all other fingers I used the same pattern but shifted the pattern to the left, right, top and bottom of each nail.  The only thing that is more noticeable on my other nails is that there is a round of teeny tiny blue dots that traces the outside of the radial.  There are some blue dots on my mid finger but you can't seem them that well.

As always, I performed a bit of clean up with some acetone and a brush, then applied my favorite top coat.  I love how a nice top coat really smooth's out the design and gives a really nice shine, don't you?

This design didn't turn out the way I imagined it would.  Its one of those cases, where it looked better in my head, but its not the worst design I've ever done.  I feel this is one of those times where its just a little too much.  I really should just stick with the philosophy of less is more.

The more I look at this the more it reminds me of one of those color blind tests, not what I was going for but interesting, none the less.  Next up, I have planned my design for the last Freehand IG challenge from May, so stay tuned.  I hope you enjoyed this nail art design, thanks for stopping by, see you next time.

Your Fellow Plebe,

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