Matte Metallic Zebra Print

Hello Lovelies!  For today's nail art I created a freehand zebra print for this week's Freehand Nail Art Instagram challenge.  I have never drawn zebra print before so I figured it was time, and since animal print was the theme for the week it was a perfect prompt.

Materials I used
Base Coat - Yellow Stopper
Off-white matte polish - Essie 'Wrap Me Up' from the Cashmere Matte collection
Gold polish - Sally Hansen Insta-Dri 'Go for Gold'
Small brush
Square gold studs

I started off with two clean coats of Essie 'Wrap Me Up' and allowed it to dry completely.

While I was waiting for the base polish to dry completely I used a small brush and gold polish to hand painted zebra stripes on my mid-finger.

On my ring and pointer finger I taped off half of my nail at an angle and again painted zebra stripes on the exposed area with my gold polish.  I immediately removed the tape.

I reversed the exposed area on my ring and pointer finger to give it a neat angled appearance across the three fingers.

I performed a bit of clean up and added some square gold studs across the angle as well as one on my pinky and thumb to dress it up a bit.  Because, this is a matte polish I did not apply a top coat, in order to get the studs to stay I simply used nail glue.

I really like matte and metallic combinations and for a first attempt at zebra stripes its not to bad.  I actually prefer the non-studded version of this design though.  Sometimes, less is more.  I am really enjoying the Freehand Nail Art Challenge on Instagram.  I hope you enjoyed this nail art design, thanks for stopping by, see you next time.

Your Fellow Plebe,